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April 19, 1602
Henry VI Part 1 and Part 2 and Titus Andronicus  were entered into Liber C of the Stationers' Company on April 19, 1602.
The first edition of the rollicking middle-class comedy The Merry Wives of Windsor was published in 1602, after being entered into the Stationers’ Register for John Busby on January 18, 1602 and then immediately transferred by Busby to Arthur Johnson on the
July 26, 1602
Hamlet was entered into Liber C of the Stationers' Company on July 26, 1602.
This is the third edition of Richard III, printed in 1602. It is the second of two editions printed by Thomas Creede for Andrew Wise. On June 25, 1603 Wise transferred the rights to the play to Matthew Law.
May 1, 1602
In 1602 William Shakespeare negotiated with John Combe for the purchase of 107 acres for £320, a considerable sum. Two copies were made of the deed conveying this land.
begun May 28, 1602
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May 31, 1602
Richard Quiney was buried on May 31, 1602, as recorded in the Holy Trinity Church parish register. On October 2, 1601, he had been sworn in as bailiff for the following twelve months and was thus described as “Mr.
May 1, 1602
John Combe was a wealthy member of a family settled in Stratford since the 1530s. In 1593 he had acquired these 107 acres of land from Rice Griffin, with his equally wealthy uncle and lawyer, William Combe of Warwick, apparently acting in the capacity of trustee.
In 1602, two years after the first edition, the second edition of Henry V, known as Quarto 2, was printed by Thomas Creede for Thomas Pavier.
This is the foot of fine, one of the three copies of the final concord ratifying Shakespeare’s purchase of New Place in 1602. It has been filed with other Warwickshire “feet” among the records of the Court of Common Pleas since 1602.