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October 28, 1614
Within two months of it becoming common knowledge that plans were afoot to enclose some of the open fields at Welcombe to the north-east of Stratford, Shakespeare took steps to ensure that his income as a leaseholder of half the tithes of Old Stratford, Bishopton and Welco
William Camden, one of England’s most respected antiquaries, published the second edition of Remaines of a greater work in 1614.
October 9, 1615
Ostler v. Heminges, a lawsuit regarding shares in the Globe and Blackfriars playhouses, is remarkable for two reasons.
April 26 and May 5, 1615
In 1613 William Shakespeare, with the assistance of three trustees, purchased the gatehouse in the Blackfriars neighborhood of London, evidently as an investment.
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Matthew Law published a fifth quarto edition of Richard II in 1615, seven years after the previous edition, this time working with the printer Thomas Purfoot.
April 25, 1616
According to the inscription on the wall monument erected in his memory, Shakespeare died on April 23, 1616 and was buried, as would be normal practice at that time, two days later.
after June 22, 1616
The registered copy of Shakespeare’s last will and testament is shown here. The original will was probated on June 22, 1616, and entered in the register shortly thereafter.
June 22, 1616
The original copy of Shakespeare’s last will and testament was probated on June 22, 1616, and an entry in the parchment register, shown here, was made recording the date of probate.
The sixth edition of Lucrece was printed by Thomas Snodham for Roger Jackson in 1616, the year of Shakespeare’s death.