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February 10, 1616
Judith, William and Anne Shakespeare’s younger daughter, married Thomas Quiney on February 10, 1616, according to the Holy Trinity Church parish register. Next to the entry, an “X” added by a later hand highlights its significance.
March 26, 1616
Not two months after his marriage to Judith Shakespeare, Thomas Quiney faced a charge of incontinence with Margaret Wheeler, brought against him in the Stratford Peculiar Court, the church court.
Spring 1616
In the months after Thomas Quiney’s marriage to Judith Shakespeare, both he and probably his new wife were excommunicated for their failure to respond to the charge that they had not sought a license to marry during Lent, the church season before Easter.
January 9, 1624
Thomas Quiney, who married William Shakespeare’s daughter Judith in 1616, was elected a capital burgess on August 28, 1617 and served as constable for the years 1617/18, and 1618/19.