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MS. Aubrey 6, folio 109 verso
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Document-specific information
Creator: John Aubrey
Title: Brief lives.
Date: 1679/1680
Repository: Bodleian Library, Oxford University, Oxford, UK
Call number and opening: MS. Aubrey 6, fol. 109r-v

Semi-diplomatic transcription

                                    Moren of Sir Iohn Suckling
                                         My Lady Southcot. whose husband hanged himselfe,
                                         was Sir Iohn Sucklings sister, to whom he writes a consolato-
+ Dr. Corbet married       -ry letter viz: the first . She afterward maried ……+ Corbet D.D.
      Sir Nath. Brents        of Merton College oxon: at her house in Bishopsgate street London is
          daughter                an originall of her brother Sir John, of Sir Anthony van-
                                         Dyke, all at length leaning against a rock with a play papir
                                         -booke, contemplating. It is a piece of great value: there is
                                         also anothr rare picture, viz: of that pretty creature
                                         Mistress Iane Shore; an originall. / When his Aglaura was
                                         he bought all the Clouthes himselfe, which were very rich.
                                         no tinsill: all the lace pure gold and silver which cost him
                                         . . . . . . . . I haue now forgott: he had some scanes to it
                                         which these dayes were only used at masques. / Memorandum
                                         Mr Snowdon. tells me that after Sir Iohns unluckie ren-
                                         -counter, or Quarrell with Sir Iohn Digby, wherin he was-
                                         baffled: ‘twas strange to see the envie, and ill nature of
                                         people to trample, and scoffe at, and deject one in dis-
                                         -grace; inhumane as well as un-christian. The Lady
                                         . . . . Moray had made an entertainment for severall
                                         persons of quality at Ashley (in Surrey neer Chertsey)
                                         where^ at Mr Snowden then was. There was the Countesse
                                         of Middlesex, whom Sir Iohn had highly courted, and
                                         had spent on her & in treating her some thousand of
                                         pounds. At this entertainment she could not forbeare
                                         but was so severe, and ingrate as to upbraid Sir John
                                         of his late received Baffle: and some other Ladys,
                                         had their flirts. The Lady Moray (who invited them)
                                         seing Sir Iohn out of countenance, and for whse
                                         worth she alwaies had a respect. Come Well sayd shee
                                         I am a merry Wench, and will never for sake an
                                          old friend in disgrace: so come me sitt downe by me
                                         Sir John (said she) and seated him on her right hand:
                                         and countenanced him. this raysed Sir iohns dejected-
                                         spirites that he threw his reparties about the Table
                                         with so much sparklingnesse and Gentilenes of Witt,
                                         to the admiration of them all./

Item Creator
John Aubrey
Item Title
Brief lives.
Item Date
Bodleian Library, Oxford University, Oxford, UK
Call Number
MS. Aubrey 6, fol. 109v