Holkham Hall is a Palladian mansion built between 1734 and 1764. Still the family home of the Earl of Leicester, it sits at the heart of a thriving, privately owned 25,000-acre agricultural estate on the north Norfolk coast. Holkham was the creation of Thomas Coke, the 1st Earl of Leicester, based on designs by William Kent. The house reflects Coke’s passion for classical art and architecture, developed during his Grand Tour of Europe. It displays the remarkable collection of paintings, sculptures and books that he amassed during his Tour, which remains largely intact to this day.

Holkham has one of the finest private libraries in the country housing over 10,000 volumes which reach back to the library of Sir Edward Coke, the leading jurist of the Elizabethan era. The library includes many incunabula, early maps and fine manuscript volumes.

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ca. 1614
Epigram 57 in Thomas Porter's collection of epigrams honors the delightful poet (poetam lepidum) William Shakespeare:  Quot lepŏres in Atho tot habet tua Musa lepôresIngenii vena diuite metra tua