The Library of King’s College has been in existence since the foundation of the College in 1441. It is currently housed in a purpose-built building completed in 1828 designed by the architect William Wilkins. Today it houses a lending library of some 130,000 volumes and around 40,000 rare books. Among the special collections are the libraries of John Maynard Keynes, George Thackeray and Jacob Bryant, the latter of which includes almost 200 incunabula. Other collections of notes are a collection of medieval manuscripts, many manuscripts of Sir Isaac Newton and the Pote collection of oriental manuscripts.

Notable twentieth-century acquisitions include the Rowe Music Library and the Jane Austen collections of David Gilson and Dorothy Warren. The building is also home to the College’s archives, which includes the College’s administrative records dating from the foundation of the College to the present day, as well as the personal papers of former members and associated individuals, especially the Bloomsbury Group.

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July 28, 1604
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