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The second edition of Pericles was printed in 1609, the same year as the first.
This is the only surviving copy of The Anuals of great Brittaine, a 1611 reissue of Robert Chester’s 1601 Loves Martyr, which included the Shakespeare poem now known as “The Phoenix and the Turtle.” The Anuals is made up of sheets from the 1601 edition
The third edition of Pericles was printed in 1611. It retains certain textual errors introduced in the second edition, indicating that the third edition was based on the previous one.
SHAKESPEARE DOCUMENTED IS STILL GROWING! Descriptive content and transcriptions will continue to be added, updated and expanded. Check back for regular updates!
This is the fifth edition of Richard III, printed in 1612. Like the fourth edition, it was printed by Thomas Creede for Matthew Law.
Mathew Law published this fifth edition of Henry IV Part 1 in 1613.
Matthew Law published a fifth quarto edition of Richard II in 1615, seven years after the previous edition, this time working with the printer Thomas Purfoot.