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V.a.135, page 60
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Document-specific information
Title: An historical compendium of the mutability of fortune and honour, etc. [manuscript]
Date: ca. 1600
Repository: Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, DC, USA
Call number and opening: V.a.135, p. 60
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Semi-diplomatic transcription

with out-ward Accidents, having such Powers to with-stand
them? Is thy Life threatned? Imagine thou hast Lived the
time of thy appointment, and, knowing thou art to repay
it (as something borrowed) in its time, It cannot molest
thee, to surrender now, that which was alwais to be requi=
=red: Omnia leuiora accidunt expectantibus: Where Death is
made no Stranger in Life, Life will seeme no Stranger there,
in Death. Canius may then constantly meditate the Sence
of Seperation between Soule & Bodie, and hartely returne the
Emperour thancks for such a Curtesie: Soe farr is Death
from being held any Evill to perfect Resolutions, as the Reveng=
=full Dane, in the Tragedie, would not take his Vncles life while
he made his Deuotions: Art thou then Imprisoned? Take the
benefit of the Time and that Advantage, as thou art farther
from others, the neerer thy self entertaine that sweet Company
thy Soule; Cast before her the Vanities thou hast past. dis=
course with her the Excellency of her Matter: the Subtletie of
her Being: the Extent of her Knowledge; the Swiftnes of her
Imagination, and from thence Collect Thoughts worthie of her
Which is of a heauenly Constitution, and doth not participate of
any thing so base as Earth and Element: In this thou canst
not be lymitted or restrayned by the power of an other Corpora
obnoxia sunt et ascripta, Dominus mens quidem suj iuris quae
adeo libera et vaga est vt ne abhoc quidem Carcere cui in=
=clusa est teneri queat qui minus impetu suo Vtatur et ingen=

Item Title
An historical compendium of the mutability of fortune and honour, etc. [manuscript]
Item Date
ca. 1600
Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, DC, USA
Call Number
V.a.135, p. 60