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mss HM 60413, folio 80 recto
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Document-specific information
Title: Commonplace book
Date: approximately 1570-approximately 1625
Repository: The Huntington Library, San Marino, CA
Call number and opening: mssHM 60413, fol. 80r
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Semi-diplomatic transcription

Othello the Moore of Venice/

O Sir content yow,
I follow him to serve my turne vpon him,
wee cannot be all masteres, nor all masters,
Cannot be truely followed, yow shall marke;
many a dutious & kne-chrookeinge knaue;
that dotinge on his owne obsequious bondage,
weares out his tyme much like his masters Asse
for nought but prouender, & when hees old ch casheird
Whipp me thus such honest knaues:
Others ther arr, who trimd in formes,
& vissages of dutye; keep yet ther hartes,
attendinge on themselves and throwinge
but shewes of service on their Lordes,
do well thriue by’em;
And when they have lin’d their coates,
do them selues homage;
those fellowes have some soul;
and such ano one doe I professe my selfe/

When Remedyes arr past, the greifes arr ended,
by seeming the worst, which late on hopes depended,
to mourne a mischeife that is past & gone;
is the next way to draw more myscheife on,
what cannot be preserued, when fortune takes,
Patience ^her an inurye a mokerye makes
the Robb’d that smyles, steales somethinge from ^ the theife
he robs himself, that spendes a bootlesse greife/

Item Title
Commonplace book, approximately 1570-approximately 1625.
Item Date
approximately 1570-approximately 1625.
Huntington Library, San Marino, CA, USA
Call Number
mssHM 60413, fol. 80r