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MS. Eng. poet. d. 3, folio 41 verso
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Document-specific information
Creator: Edward Pudsey
Title: Edward Pudsey's Commonplace book [portions]
Date: ca. 1600-1615
Repository: Bodleian Library, Oxford University, Oxford, UK
Call number and opening: MS. Eng. poet. d. 3, fols. 41, 86v

Semi-diplomatic transcription

                                     Plays   Marston . Iohnson
                         Antonio & Mellida . ipart . Marston .
Greedily Champing what any other wel valued iudgment had chewed
A flatter      
A supple chapt flatterer with most obsequious sleek-brow’d intertaine
"Husht obseraunce. A cheek not as yet  wan’d. with an intentiue thought
An eye        
"A smart speaking ey. Keele your mouth it runs ouer.
"Eloquence begins to grope him already.
                                    2 part of A:M.
"your ffauor will giue crutches to our ffaultes. hony me with fluent speech
ffayrer then natures faire ys foulest vyce . Clingd in sensuallity.
he that speakes he knows not what neuer sins against his own conscience
The clapper of his mouth is not glibd with court oyle swil not strike on
both sydes yet. The least soyle of lust smeeres pure loue.
“Tronges of thoughtes crowd for passage. Lysen it       exit
Steele the point of thy resolue that it turn not edg in execucion
“I affect with vnbounded zeale. And old man will seru for picking mait.
Patience hoop my sydes with steeled ribbes least I do burst my brestes
with strugling passions. unapparell your Dear beauties bl
"Statesmen that cleaue through knottes of Craggie pollicies
vse men lyke wedges one to stryke out an other till &c.
A Burre that stickes vppon mapp of greatnes.

The envyous haue Basiliske eys & forked tonges steept in
venom as their hartes in gall.  They haue salt in them and
                                                                          will brooke the ayre. 
The spawne of ignorance may bestime his name &c.
                                                    Distorted faces & dudgeon censures
O that I studie not the tedious lawes, & prostitute my voic in eny cause
“Enuy, the liuing not the dead doth byte. for after death all men receiu their ryght.
Let not your ears bee dammd vp to all good counsell.
“The tyme was once when wit drownd welth:but now your only barba=
“rism's, to haue witt & want. No matter now who in
“vertue excells, be that hath coyn hath all perfection else
“yt wold haue crackt our sinews shrunk our vains, & made our very hart
"strings iar &c . ffulsome to mee in euery thing &c.
“moues as mightelye. A man born vpon little legges is always a gentleman borne

Item Creator
Edward Pudsey
Item Title
Edward Pudsey's Commonplace book [portions]
Item Date
ca. 1600-1615
Bodleian Library, Oxford University, Oxford, UK
Call Number
MS. Eng. poet. d. 3, fol. 41v