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MS. Eng. poet. d. 3, folio 41 recto
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Document-specific information
Creator: Edward Pudsey
Title: Edward Pudsey's Commonplace book [portions]
Date: ca. 1600-1615
Repository: Bodleian Library, Oxford University, Oxford, UK
Call number and opening: MS. Eng. poet. d. 3, fols. 41, 86v

Semi-diplomatic transcription

Editorial note: In this transcription, marginal headings appear as their own line, preceeding the line of associated body text. As a result, the line of body text following a heading may include content associated with the previous heading.

                         Plays    shakespeare Iohnson
                         Merchannt of Venice Shakspear.
Theil not shew vier teeth in way of smile tho nestor swear the rest bee laughable
Creepe into the Iaundics by beeing peeuishe. To bee drest in an opinion of &c.
my best meanes ly all vnlocked to your occasions. what warmth in        
                                                                                                 your affection towardes.
The braine may devise lawes for thee blood, but a hot temper leaps ore a cold decree
Doate on his absence. To supply the rype wants of &c. dwel in nesessity
O that I had a tytle good inough to keep his name companye.
intreats past all saying nay. An vnwearied spirit in doing good.
many thinges by season seasond are to their right prais & true perfection
Hee knowes mee as the blynd man knows the cucko by my bad voice

The faultes of many are bueried in their humour. To drinke
to one is meant what health the wyne doth worke shalbe empl=
ing to
oyed, to their command & proper vse. this the first intent of drinking to one
your hart is greater then your person. Dearer then the poungranet of my ey
"Coming out of his moueables
An angry man ys lyke one that is troubled with the govt so tender
                 that he cryes out before hee bee toucht.

                             Euery man out of his humor . Iohnson .
Not to Intrude till others affections or our own desertes do worthily invyte vs &c.
The modest paper lookes pale for greef, to bee staind with such a blacke &
Criminall inscription.              To marc himself
Oft taking phisicke makes a man a very patient creature.
one whos lowest condicion beares the stamp of a great spirit.
"A tauern token swallowed. wraggle into acquaintaince.
“your dearth of Iudgment. To stale himself in all societies.
Beware when mutuall pleasure sways the appetite & in the pride of blood
his iudgment burnt the ear for a rouge then etc. Inimitable.
That thought is lyke the moone in the last quarter it will change.
Lyke a barbars virginalles &c. Smooth forheaded.

                     C.I.M a pair royall of nobles

Item Creator
Edward Pudsey
Item Title
Edward Pudsey's Commonplace book [portions]
Item Date
ca. 1600-1615
Bodleian Library, Oxford University, Oxford, UK
Call Number
MS. Eng. poet. d. 3, fol. 41r