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MS. Eng. misc. d.28, page 359
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Document-specific information
Creator: [Samuel Radcliffe?]
Title: A common place book
Date: ca. 1622-1625
Repository: Bodleian Library, Oxford University, Oxford, UK
Call number and opening: MS. Eng. misc. d.28, pp. 355, 359 & 375

Semi-diplomatic transcription

[col. 705]

Forget not mother what are children
Nor how you haue gron’d for them, to what loue
they are borne inheritours, with what care kept
And as they rise to ripeness, still remember
How they imp out your age, and when time calls you
That as an Autumne flower you fall, forget not
How round about the hearse they hang like penons:

Tis almost morning I would haue thee gone
And yet no father then a wantons bird,
That lets it hop a little from his hand,
Like a poore prisoner, in his twisted gyues.
Then with a silken thread plucks it back againe
So jealous louing of his liberty. Tragedy of
Romeo and Iuliet .4o: page 84:

radius Amicitiae pios cadere

this Mr Richard^son College Magdalen inserted hence
into his semon, preached it twice as Saint Maries
1620.1621. applying it then to gods love to
his saints either hurt with sinne, or aduersity
neuer forsaking them.

- a man I knew but in his euening

- the storme in which sad parting blow
- leuell him a way to repentance
- shame blast your black memory. Scornfull
Lady: Comedia by Francis Beaumont: 4o
page 70: 1616

M[omford]. He in all things rich, in his mind
E[ugenia]: Why seeks he me then?
M[omford]. To make you ioynt partner with him in all
things; and there is but a little partiall difference
betwixt you that hinders that universall ioy where
the bignesse of this circle held too neere our
eye keepes it from the whole spheare of the
sunne but could we sustaine it indifferently be-
twixt us and it, it would then without check
of one beame appeare in his fullnesse.
TRP HGMFT HppTDBgg Comedia 4o:
page 80: 1606

- nor in her tender cheeks
the standing lake of impudence corrupts

shee thus to change & frailty they name is wo-
man. VSBHFEK pg IBNMfV: 4o:
page 100. by Shakes TIBLftgfBRE.

[col. 706]

             I do know
when the blood burnes, how the prodigall soule
Lends the tongue vowes; these blazes daughter
giuing more light then heate extinct in both
euen in thier promise ; as it is a making
you must not take for fire--

           - thou hast been
One in suffring all, oft as that suffers nothing
A man that fortunes buffets and rewards
Hast tane with equall thankes; and blest are those
whose bloud and iudgement are so well comedled
That they are not a pipe for fortunes finger
To sound what stop shee please

- nicest - such an act - forgetting of former husband
That blurs the grace, and blush of modesty
calls virtue hypocrite, takes of the rose
From the faire forehead of an innocent loue
And sets a blister there, makes mariage vowes
As false as dicers othes

an earnest coniuration from the king to th’king
As loue betwixt them like the palme might flourish
As peace should still her wheaten garland winne
And stand a comma tweene their amities

a quiet conscience is a iewell of iewells
the price of it is far aboue the pearle
neither can it be valued with the wedge
of fine gold. But this is a flower which
groweth not in the gardens of Rome, no
not in Beluedere the Popes paradise: for
there is no religion in the world which can
pacify the troubled conscience, but that only
which teacheth the penitent spirit the remis-
sion of his sinnes, and an infallible certainty
of his saluation by the merits of Ies Christ
apprehended by a true and liuely faith and
sealed to the sanctified soule by the spirit of
grace. But the present Religion of the Church
of Rome teacheth only a morall, coniecturall
and fallible. Bell de iusti... : l.3.(.2.243.) That
it is uncertaine certainty which must needs
plunge the poor soule in a 1000 perplexities
The consecration of the Bishops of the
Church of England with their succesion &c.
By Francis Mason. folio: page 278 . 1613

Item Creator
[Samuel Radcliffe?]
Item Title
A common place book
Item Date
ca. 1622-1625
Bodleian Library, Oxford University, Oxford, UK
Call Number
MS. Eng. misc. d.28, p. 359