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MS Aubrey 8, folio 50 verso
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Document-specific information
Creator: John Aubrey
Title: Brief Lives
Date: ca. 1679/1680
Repository: Bodleian Library, Oxford University, Oxford, UK
Call number and opening: MS. Aubrey 8, fol. 50v

Semi-diplomatic transcription

Editorial note: This entire page has been crossed out.                

                        Iohn Fletchr.                                      
Invited [^]to go with a knight in to Norfolke, or Suffolke int the Plagu time 1625
stayd but to make himselfe a Suite of cloathes fell sick
of the Plague Dyed.
             Iohn Ogilby        
after he had built the Theater at Dublin,
            He was undon at the Irish Rebellion
he was wreck’t at Sea and came to London very
poor & went on foot to Cambridge.
The more to be admired q[uia] he was not a company keeper
lived in Shoreditch, would n[o]t be debauched, & if invited to
gout: he was in paine
                           W. Shakespere                                                
q[uaere] Mr Beeston who knows most of him from Mr. Lacy
he lives in Shore-ditch. neer Nort at Hoglane
within 6 dores - Norton - folgate.
q[uaere] etiam for B. Jonson.
                            B. Jonson.
one eye lower then tother, & bigger
q[uaere] his description of a Trooper in English verse^very good [This line relates to a line about Ogilby on the other side of this leaf.]
He tooke a Catalaloge[sic] from Mr Lacy of the Yorkshire
dialectword - his hint to a Tale of a Tub
for the Clownery.

Item Date
ca. 1679/80
Bodleian Library, Oxford University, Oxford, UK
Call Number
MS Aubrey 8, fol. 50v