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MS Ashmole 38, page 181
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Document-specific information
Creator: Nicholas Burghe
Title: "Mr. Ben Johnson and Mr. Wm. Shakespeare, being merrye att a Tavern, Mr. Jonson haveing begune this for his epitaph Here lies" etc. it was finished by Shakespeare.
Date: ca. 1650
Repository: Bodleian Library, Oxford University, Oxford, UK
Call number and opening: MS Ashmole 38, p. 181

Semi-diplomatic transcription

181                    Mr Beniamin Iohnson and Mr William: Shake-speare
                          Being Merrye att a Tauern, Mr Jonson hauing
    17    340          begune this for his Epitaph

87          Here lies Ben Iohnson that was once one
                     he giues ytt to Mr Shakspear to make vpp woh who presently wrightes
              Who while hee liv’de was a sloethings
              And now being dead is Nothinge
              341   In Saint: Margottes att westminster vppon
                            on Iohn Flower
              Here lies Iohn Flower vnder his stone
              who serued god while hee was here, and now to him is gone
88          A Gentleman, and A Head Borrough a good man In his House
              who Maried was to Diuers wifes, & was to each of them a kind spouse
              In the yeare of our lord: god 1567 being whitson mundaye
              342a  On Mr Georg Heyward father to Sir
                          Rowland Heyward, lord: Maior of london
               Interred here George Heyward is and Margarett his wyfe
89           God blessed them with Children six, they led a vertuous life
               Sonns to, and Daughters forever, by name Gilbert & Sir Rowland
               A knight his Mothers Happie birth, yff Iustly all weare s..nd
               Alice, Katharine, Elianor, and Ann; In June hee dide
               The yeares of Christ the figurs show 1597, In tyme what widnotstide
               Although, hee was full 4 score yeares &, his wife allso
               In the yeare of our lord 1597 of her owne age 97 from vs to god did goe
  342b      vppon Iudge Owen, and Iudge Richarson
                             bothe buried in westerminster neare on
                                 a nother
90            Here Lies Iudge Owen that never tooke bribe
                Here lies Iudge Richardson, that neuer denied
                                                                     finis; Ignoto
              343     On Sir Robert Dudley Earle of Warwicke
                            and Leicester
91            Here lies the souldier that neuer drewe his sword
                Here lies that Courtier that neuer kept his word:
                             vppon a gentlewoman whose Husbandes load
                  344          to her brooke hir harte
92            Thes lines which goulden letters I haue filde
                Here lies that wyfe ; whose Husbandes kindnes kyld
                 345 on a beggerly Gentellman
93            Here lies a man, A gentleman of note
                who all his life tyme ner’ Could change a groate
                      346   vppon on of the Mayds of Honor to
                               Queen Elizabeth
94            Here lies, the lord haue Mercie vppon her:
                on of hir majesties mayds of Honor
                she was younge slender and prettye
                and died a Mayde, mor’s the pittye
                                                                 seyd Hoskins

Item Creator
Nicholas Burghe
Item Title
"Mr. Ben Johnson and Mr. Wm. Shakespeare, being merrye att a Tavern, Mr. Jonson haveing begune this for his epitaph Here lies" etc. it was finished by Shakespeare.
Item Date
ca. 1650
Bodleian Library, Oxford University, Oxford, UK
Call Number
MS Ashmole 38, p. 181