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ER82/1/21, folio 4 verso
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Document-specific information
Creator: Edward Pudsey
Title: Four original sheets of Edward Pudsey's Commonplace Book
Repository: The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
Call number and opening: ER82/1/21, fols. 1-4
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Semi-diplomatic transcription

                   Samuell Lewknor of vniuersities

In Germany eighteene. In Italy twelue.
In the Low counties fyve. In Fraunce fifteene.
In Polonia Prussia, and Lyituania. foure.
In Bohemia & morauia; two. In spain sixteene
In England two oxford & cambridge.
In scotland two: Tot. threescore & sixe.

The emperor Claudius made an inviolable decree that
whatsoeuer bondman in Roome beeing manumitted &
& set free from seruility yf hee neclecking the loue &
bounty of his frend that did enfranchise him req=
uyted him at any time with vnkindes, hee shold bee
reduced again to his former bond & slauish condicion
so hatefull was ingratitude euen to wicked men.

In Paris 500 parishes & 100 colledges. yt was in old time
called Lutetia of the Latin word Lutum, for then the streets wer
exceeding durtye.

In the great year 88 heer was billed for the first, second
and third seruice for the Queene (yf need had requyred)
of able persons, therty hundred thousand, of english, welsh
& cornish men; since which time &c.

Such as alwais seek to doe more then inoughe
may sometime happen on somthing that is good & great
but very seldome and when it comes it doth not reco=
mpence the rest of their ill, yt sticks out perhaps & is more
eminent, becaus all ys sordid & vyle about it, as lights
are more discerned in a thick darknes then a faint

In all humility with a mind deiected with hands erected with
knees genuflected, with a hart affected, & with a whole microco=
sme subiected I &c. Coriat.

The best seale of witt is witts distrust.

Item Creator
Edward Pudsey
Item Title
Four original sheets of Edward Pudsey's Commonplace Book
Item Date
ca. 1612
Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
Call Number
ER82/1/21, fol. 4v