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ER82/1/21, folio 2 verso
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Document-specific information
Creator: Edward Pudsey
Title: Four original sheets of Edward Pudsey's Commonplace Book
Repository: The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
Call number and opening: ER82/1/21, fols. 1-4
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Semi-diplomatic transcription

Editorial note: In this transcription, marginal headings appear on their own line, preceeding the line of associated body text.

Hamlet                                              Plays                                                                  Shakspeare

yow are been my L. response; yt wil cost yow a groaning to take of my edge
by thees pickers & stealers sci.r hands. yow barre the doore vpon your owne
libertie yf yow deny your greef to your frendes. his sence is apoplext
yf my dewty be too bold my loue is too vnmanerlye
At your age the heydaye in the blood ys tame, & humble, waites vpon the iudgment
Conceits in weakest bodies strongest works. rauell all the matter out.
I will husband my meanes so wel that the shall goe farre with little.
dipping all his faultes in their affection. ffense. A riband in the cappe
of youth yet needfull for youth no lesse becomes the light & carelesse
livery that it weares, the setled age his Sables & his weedes.
The brooch & gem of all that nation. Adam the first gent’ becaus he first bore armes
This age is grown so witty worded that the toe of the pesant comes soe
neere the heele of the Courtier he galles his kybe
with all Diligence of Spirit. your bonnet to his right vse tis for the head.
Mis drist lookt thorough his bad performance.
Conuerted                                                                                                                    Dekker.
Send hence your milder spirites. let your swoordes seek out his bowells.                     
The Sea of louers rage Comes rushing with so strong atyde it beats & beares dow=
ne all respectes of lyfe honor frendes &c. gone to be worm’d blown
As much mettle as in a Cobleres awle. he & his trayn wold haue yow vp, butt
their powder haztaken the wet of Cowardes. haue made a hole in a wrong
place, surgeons wold haue rould yow vp lyke a baby in a swadling cloutes
heers a Coile for a dead Comodity wemon  when the are aliue are but dead
Comodities, for one woman lyes vpon many mens handes.
worms lyke your iester or young courtier, wil enter vpon any mans trencher without bidding.
Slander the beggars sinne lyes the ffooles glew my ey lides downe. &c.
This strang monster honesty honesty in your belly? int'a tru hous? I met with no theefs.
By this hand do yow think Ile forswear my hand; caist vp all old humours &c.
He is poulder & touch box if fyre be put fyre into him. A mandrak or whiblin.
her tong wantes the virtue which all womens tonges haue (to anger their husbandes.
Leaner then the new moone. As secret as your midwyfe or barber surgeon.
or els let me neuer know what a secret is.
As mad as an english cuckold. A size aboue iest. my affaires becken mee.
Yowl hooke in a kind gent yow haue no soule heaues treasure bought it & half a
crown hath sold yt, your body lyke the Comon shoare receius all the townes filthe
and the sinn of many men ys within yow, euen as base as beastes hyred to
beare, bayted lyke apes and shew trickes A harlot ys lyke dun'kerk true
to none swallows both E[nglish] Sp[anish] & last of all the ffrench A toad ys happier then yow
that swelles but with one poyson yow stock your vains with thousands
exercise a iest vpon your witt. response. my wit bleeds for it. harlotes haue no issue but
foule vgly ones that run along with them to their graues insteed of children
the breed rank diseases. yt is one of hercules labours for a harlot to turne
honest, yt was more easie for him in one night to make 50 queenes then to
make one oft them honest again in 30 years. closte, as closte as the fist of a courtier.
away. response I will make away self presentlye.


Item Creator
Edward Pudsey
Item Title
Four original sheets of Edward Pudsey's Commonplace Book
Item Date
ca. 1612
Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
Call Number
ER82/1/21, fol. 2v