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ER82/1/21, folio 1
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Document-specific information
Creator: Edward Pudsey
Title: Four original sheets of Edward Pudsey's Commonplace Book
Repository: The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
Call number and opening: ER82/1/21, fols. 1-4
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Semi-diplomatic transcription

                                     Plays . Romeo & Juliet    King Richard 2 .    shakspeare  King Richard 3 . shakespeare
Though news bee sad yet tell theim merilye; yf good thou shamest
the musicke of sweet newes, by playing it to mee with so sower a face.
Violent delightes haue violent endes & in their triumph dye
lyke fyre & powder: which as they kisse consume.
Conceit more rich in matter then in wordes, brages of his substance not
of ornament they are but beggeres that can count their worth but my
true loue is grown to such excesse I cannot sum vp som of half my wealth.
Louers can see to doe their amorous rightes by their own beauties
“was euer booke contayning so vyle matter so fairely bounde &c.
“vpon his brow shame ys asham’d to sitt
will yow wash him from his graue with teares, or if yow cold yet cold not  
"make him liue. Some greef showes much of loue, but much
of greef showes still some want of witt.
A weeping body lyke a barke, teares that ebb & flow the Sea,
Sighs windes, which with the sea beget such a storme that &c.
do not deny to him that yow loue me. Response I will confesse to yow that I loue him
ere this hand to seald shalbe the labell to another deed. &c.
                                      King Richard the 2
"woe doth the heavier sit, where it perceiues it is but faintly borne .
“ffor gnarling sorrow hath lesse power to byte, the man that mocks
“it, & setes yt light./ The apprehnsion of the good giues but the greater
“feeling to the woorse.  Ere further leasure yeeld the further meanes
The tounges of dying men inforce attention.
Let vs share thy thoughtes, for thy wordes shalbe as thoughtes &c.
Eeach substance of a greef hath 20 shadowes, which shews lyke greef
it self but is not soe, for sorrowes eys glaz’d with blynding teares de=
uydes one thing entyre to many obiectes
my neerenes to yow in loue ys neere to the hatred of &c.
                                       King  Richard the 3.
“Naught to doe &c. A lumpe of foule deformitye. Teach not thy lippes such
“scorne for they were made for &c. with what a sharp prouided witt hee reasons &c.
“Leaden Icie cold vnwillinge. Made him my booke wherein my soul recorded
the historie of all her secret thoughtes, so smooth hee daub'd, his vice with show of virtue that &c.
yet so much ys my pouertie of spirit that &c. Be breef lest that the processe of thy

"kindnes last longer in telling then thy kindesse. In the afternoone of her best dayes &c.
A fit mate
dangerous to tell where a soldier lyes. &c. yf I shold say hee lodge theer I lyed theer.
Shee that is free of her toung ys as frank of her lipps. An ey that offeres parle to prouocacion
An equalitye of perfections fit in mariage for when the act ys past theere wilbe
a dulnes much needing the help of beauty youth loue & such lyke to preuent loathing.

Item Creator
Edward Pudsey
Item Title
Four original sheets of Edward Pudsey's Commonplace Book
Item Date
ca. 1612
Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
Call Number
ER82/1/21, fol. 1