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Document-specific information
Creator: Richard Quiney
Title: Quiney letter
Date: October 25, 1598
Repository: Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
Call number and opening: ER27/4
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Modernized/Translated transcription


Loving countryman,

I am bold of you as of a friend, craving your help with 30 pounds upon Mr. Bushel's and my security, or Mr. Milton's with me. Mr. Roswell is not come to London as yet and I have especial cause. You shall friend me much in helping me out of all the debts I owe in London, I thank God, and much quiet my mind which would not be indebted. I am now towards the Court in hope of answer for the dispatch of my business. You shall neither lose credit nor money by me, the Lord willing, and now but persuade yourself so, as I hope, and you shall not need to fear but with all hearty thankfulness I will hold my time and content your friend, and if we bargain further you shall be paymaster yourself. My time bids me hasten to an end, and so I commit this to your care and hope of your help. I fear I shall not be back this night from the Court. Haste. The Lord be with you and with us all, Amen.

From the Bell in Carter Lane, the 25th of October 1598.

Yours in all kindness,

Richard Quiney

Semi-diplomatic transcription


Loveinge Contreyman I am bolde of yow as of a ffrende, craveinge
yowr helpe with xxxli vppon Mr Bushells & my securytee or Mr Myttons
with me Mr Rosswell is nott come to London as yeate & I have
especiall cawse, yow shall ffrende me muche in helpeinge me
out of all the debettes I owe in  London I thancke god & muche
quiet my mynde which wolde not be indebeted I am now towardes
the Cowrte in hope of answer for the dispatche of my Buysenes
yow shall nether loase creddytt nor monney by me the Lorde
wyllinge & nowe butt perswade yowr selfe soe as I hope & yow
shall nott need to feare butt with all hartie thanckefullenes I
wyll holde my tyme & content yowr ffrende & yf we Barg=
aine farther yow shalbe the paie master yowre selfe. my tyme biddes
me hasten to an ende & soe I committ thys [to] yowr care & hope
of yowr helpe. I feare I shall nott be backe thys night ffrom
the Cowrte. haste the Lorde be with yow & with vs all amen.
ffrom the Bell in Carter Lane the 25 October 1598.
Yowres in all kyndenes
Ryc. Quyney.


Item Creator
Richard Quiney
Item Title
Quiney Letter
Item Date
October 25, 1598
Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
Call Number
ER27/4, recto