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Document-specific information
Title: Tithe agreement
Date: October 28, 1614
Repository: The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
Call number and opening: ER27/3
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Semi-diplomatic transcription

ER 27/3


Vicesimo octavo die octobris Anno domini 1614

Articles of agreement indented made betweene william Shackespeare 
of Stretford in the County of warwicke gentleman on the one partye & Willia
Replingham of greete harborowe in the Countie of Warwicke gentleman 
on the other partie the daye & yeare abouesaid.

inter alia     Item the said William Replingham for him his heires executors and assignes doth 
                   Covenaunte & agree to & with the said William Shackespeare his heires & assignes 
                   That he the said William Replingham his heires or assignes shall vppon 
                   reasonable request satisfie Content & make recompence vnto him the said 
                   William Shackespeare or his assignes for all such losse detriment & hinderan 
                   hinderance as he the said William Shackespeare his heires & assignes and 
                   one Thomas Greene gentleman shall or maye be thought in the viewe and 
                   Judgement of foure indifferent persons to be indifferentlie elected by 
                   the said William & William and their heires & in default of the said 
                   William Replingham by the said William Shackespeare or his heires 
                   onely to survey and Judge the same to sustayne or incurre for or 
                   in respecte of the increasinge [sic] of the yearelie value of the Tythes 
                   they the said William Shackespeare and Thomas doe Joyntlie or seuerallie 
                   hold and enioy in the said fieldes or anie of them by reason of 
                   anie Inclosure or decaye of Tyllage there ment and intended by the said 
                   William Replingham And that the said William Replingham and his heires 
                   shall procure such sufficient securitie vnto the said William Shackespeare 
                   and his heires for the performance of theis Covenauntes as shalbee 
                   devised by learned Counsell In witnes whereof the parties abousaid 
                   to theis presentes Interchangeablie their handes and Seales 
                   haue put the daye & yeare first aboue wrytten
Sealed & deliuered in the presence
of vs

Thomas Lucas       Anthonie Nasshe 
Iohn Rogers           Michael Olney. 

Item Title
Tithe agreement
Item Date
October 28, 1614
Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
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