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Creator: Thomas Walkington
Title: The optick glasse of humors. Or The touchstone of a golden temperature, or the Philosophers stone to make a golden temper, wherein the foure complections sanguine, cholericke, phlegmaticke, melancholicke are succinctly painted forth, and their externall intimates laide open to the purblind eye of ignorance it selfe, by which euery one may iudge of what complection he is, and answerably learne what is most sutable to his nature. Lately pend by T.W. Master of Artes.
Date: London : Imprinted by Iohn Windet for Martin Clerke, and are to be sold at his shop without Aldersgate, 1607.
Repository: Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, DC, USA
Call number and opening: STC 24967, title page & sig. D5v
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Laura Estill, "Love's Labor's Lost excerpted: The optick glasse of humors," Shakespeare Documented,

Folger Shakespeare Library, STC 24967. See Shakespeare Documented