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CP 36/60
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Document-specific information
Creator: Sir Edward Hoby
Title: Sir Edward Hoby to Sir Robert Cecil.
Date: December 7, 1595
Repository: Hatfield House, Hatfield, UK
Call number and opening: CP 36/60

Semi-diplomatic transcription

Sir, fnidinge [sic] that yow w'er not conuenientlie to be at London
to morrowe night I am bold to send to knowe whether Tews=
daie may be anie more in your grace to visit poore Channonrowe
where as late as yt shal please yow a gate for your supper shal=
be open: & King Richard present him self to your vewe Pardon
my boldnes that euer loue to be honored with your presence ne=
ther do I importune more, then your occasions may willingly assent
vnto. in the meane time, & euer restinge

At your Command
Edward Hoby

Item Title
Sir Edward Hobt to Sir Robert Cecil
Item Date
December 7, 1595
Hatfield House, Hatfield, UK
Call Number
CP 36/60