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CP 189/95
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Document-specific information
Creator: Sir Walter Cope
Title: Sir Walter Cope, letter to Viscount Cranborne [Robert Cecil]
Date: [1604]
Repository: Hatfield House, Hatfield, UK
Call number and opening: CP 189/95

Semi-diplomatic transcription

Sir I haue sent and bene all thys
morning huntyng for players, Iauglers
& such kinde of creaturs but fynde
them harde to fynde/ wherfore Leavinge
notes for them to seeke me/ burbage ys
come/ & sayes ther ys no neue playe
that the queene hath not seene/ but they
haue Revyved an olde one/ Cawled
Loves Labore Lost which for wytt & mirthe he
sayes will please her exceedingly And
Thys ys apointed to be played to Morowe
night at my Lord of Sowthamptons
vnless yow send a wrytt to Remove
the Corpus Cum Causa to yor howse
in Strande/ Burbage ys my
messenger Ready attendyng yor

from yow library                                

yors most humbly
Walter Cope

Item Creator
Sir Walter Cope
Item Title
Sir Walter Cope, letter to Viscount Cranborne [Robert Cecil]
Item Date
Hatfield House, Hatfield, UK
Call Number
CP 189/95