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CP 101/16
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Document-specific information
Creator: Elizabeth, Lady Southampton
Title: E[lizabeth], Lady Southampton, to the Earl of Southampton
Date: July 8, 1599
Repository: Hatfield House, Hatfield, UK
Call number and opening: CP 101/16

Semi-diplomatic transcription

My deare Lorde and only Ioye of my life, I bechich
you loue me ever, and be pleasd to knoe that
my Lady Riche wil nides haue me send you word
howe inportunat my Lord Riche is with hir
to come to London, Fearing he shale lose most
of his lande which my Lord chamberlan hop
hopes to recouer, but he thinkes if she wer
neare London she wolde make means to
haue the swet not prosed tel hir brother's com=
ing home, which elce he fears wil goe on to
his loues befor that time, therefore goe to him
nides she must, she is, she teles me, uery loth
to leave me heare alone, and no most desi=
rus I thanke hir to haue my me with
hir in essex tel your retorne vnto me, and
teles me she hath writer [sic] both to you and
hir brother that it maye be so, for my selfe
I protest vnto you that that your wil is ether
in this or any theng elce shale be most plesing
to me and my minde is alike to all plasis in
this il time to me of your absenc from me
being at quiat in no plase, I prayou resolue
what you wil haue me do, and send me
worde of it, if you wil haue me goe with
hir. she desirs that you wil write a letter to
my Lorde Riche that I maye do so and she
hath sent to hir brother to do the like, for
she ses she knoes his uoumer so wel as he wil
not bepleasde vnles that corse be taken, she wil be
gon befor b[..] bartolmy daye therfor before that
time let me I prayou knoe your pleasur
what I shale do, which no earthly power shal
make me disobaye, and what you dislike in this
letter, I bechich you laye not to my charge, for I
protest unto you I was most vnwiling to giue
you case of trobel with thinking of any such

[left margin]

matter for me in your absenc, but that she infinitly desird me to do it, and this
and, lastly protesting vnto you againe that wher you like best i shuld be that plas
shal be most pleasing to me and all others to be in most hatful, I end
neuer ending to praye to god to kepe you euer from all dangers parfitly wel
and sone to bring you to me, whoe wil endlisly be your faithfill and obedient
                                                                                          E Southampton
chartly the viij Iuly

[top margin - post script]

all the nues I can send you that I thinke wil make you
mery is that I reade in a letter from London, that sir Iohn falstaf
falstaf is by his Mistress dame Pintpot made father of a godly miller's thum
a boye thas all heade and ueri litel body, but this is a secrit [p.l s....D..... b..]

Item Creator
Elizabeth, Lady Southampton
Item Title
E[lizabeth], Lady Southampton, to the Earl of Southampton
Item Date
July 8, 1599
Hatfield House, Hatfield, UK
Call Number
CP 101/16