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BRU4/1, p. 266 detail
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Document-specific information
Title:  Stratford-upon-Avon Borough: Chamberlains' Accounts
Date: 1615
Repository: The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
Call number and opening: BRU4/1, p. 266
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Semi-diplomatic transcription

Item payed to Iohn Lopton for the hier of a hors for frauncys boyesse
ii dayes going to Stonley
Item payed to henry broume for making
a selle for the strykes
Item payed to Willy Emmetes for iij loads
of claye yoused abou the Almeshouses & the
Item for one quart of sack and one quart of clarrett
winne geven to a precher at the newe place
Item payed for a horse hier & the keperes
fee when the venyson was fett
Item payed to George brigges for one days
work and a half mending the almeshouses
Item for half a hondered of brick
Item for besomes and candells to the haulle
Item the Last of Iune wine to sir Willyam
sommerfyld making the warante
ijs          ijd




Item Title
Stratford-upon-Avon Borough: Chamberlains' Accounts
Item Date
Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
Call Number
BRU4/1, p. 266