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Document-specific information
Date: September 30, 1558
Repository: The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
Call number and opening: BRU15/7/57
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Semi-diplomatic transcription

Item Robert ij d Mors mystrys ij d waterman Edmund ij d barret ^Chrystouer Smyth ii d gryffyn vp Robert ij d [blank] buntynge ij d Richard lane ij d
Robert Salesberry ij d for haveinge ther dogges goynge at lardge not moseled they Stand
a mercyd
Item that no ynhabytant after vj days now next commynge have hys or ther ban dogges not bytchys goynge at large in the Stretes vn moselyd 
vnder the peyne to forfet for euery tyme doynge the contrery forfet xijd & that to be payd within xiiij dayes next after the falt beynge maed
Item that none have ther Dukkes goynge at lardge in the Stretes vnder the peyne of euery offender to
forfet for euery Duk ijd tociens quociens
Item that euercommen brwar brwyng aell to syll shall syll
Item that no brwar that brwth aell to Syll from hensfurthe shall have vse nor occupy non other to put in
ther brethren no hoppes nor no other Suttell thynges in ther brwynge vnder the payne
of euery offender to forfet for euery defalt xxs & that to be payd within xiiij days next
after the falt So be provyd or found in them & euery of [blank]
Item that the commen brwares from hensfurthe shall Syll new aell vnder the hearsyv for xviijd the dossen & xij galones to the dossen clere & Staell for ijd the galen & iij galens
of Small ale for a penny good & wholsum for mans body vnder the payne & that none
tune furthe eny brethen of aell vntyl the tasters have asayed & alowed
the Same aell & drynke to be good & wholsum vnder the peyne of forfeytynge
for euery defalt xxs
The xij men have ordenyd ther trysty & welbelouyd Robert Perot to be bely
for one wholl yere now next Comynge
Item ther trysty & welbelouyd Henry byddyll Capytall alderman Iuratus
Item ther trysty & Welbelouyd Humfrey Plymley Roger sadler Iohn taylor
& Iohn shakspeyr Iuratus Constabulles
Item William perot & Iohn bell tastares    Iurati
Item lews ap William & Richard Hyll chamburlens    Iurati
lether seallares
William trowt & Richard extra brookes   Iurati
Richard sharp Iohannes aporse & William butler    Iurati
Roger Sadler iij s iiij d  xx d Richard Aunge ijs xx d xij d [blank] Cartwryght Cartwryght vj d Iohn Sydwall Commen bacares & brekynge thassyez they Stand
a mercyd
Item that Iohn Clark carpenter do avoyd hys hous of his woman dwellyng with hym befor
all halow day vnder the pene vjs viijd
Memorandum that the xij men dyd amerce the offenders & no furares choson
[note at foot probably acting as an endorsement when the paper was stored as a roll]
festum Michaelis
vto & vjto
& Marie


Item Title
Borough of Stratford-upon-Avon Miscellaneous documents, Vol. 7
Item Date
September 30, 1558
Shakespeare Birthplace Trust
Call Number