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Document-specific information
Date: September 30, 1558
Repository: The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
Call number and opening: BRU15/7/57
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Semi-diplomatic transcription

Visus franci plegii Cum Curia et Sessione pacis tentus ibidem xxxo die Septembris Annis Regnorum Philippi & Marie
Regis & Regine Anglie hispaniarum francie vtriusque Cicilie Ierusalem’ & Hibernie fidei defensorum Archidicum
Austrie ducum Burgundie Mediolani & Brabancie Comitum Haspurge fflandrie & Tirolis quinto &

Essonie                  [blank]

Positi in decennariis domini
Regis & domine Regine          [blank]

xij Iurati pro domino
Rege & domina Regina

Georgius Whateley
Radulfus Cawdrey
Ricardus Byddell           Iurati
Willelmus Mynskes                                                      

Ricardus Hyll
Iohannes Taylor
Willelmus Tyler         Iurati
Iohannes Shakespere

Willelmus Smythe, mercer
Edmundus Barrett
Ricardus Lane                  Iurati
Ricardus Cotton

Willelmus Perrett
Iohannes Lorde
Robertus Salesburye       Iurati

Agnes xij d mechyn  for havyng & kepynge [blank] goodbarne an ynmake contrary to thordor of the court she standes amercyd xij d xij d
Item Robert Cox for recevynge & Havynge an ynmake contrary to the ordor of the Court he standes amercyyd
Item [blank] for recevynge a Strawng woman beyng brought to bed in his hous
standes amercyd
Item that Richard vj d lyghtfott Iohn Hunt for havynge ther his swyne goynge at lardge in the stretes he standes amercyd iiijd
Item George vj d banester & Roger vj d banester for beynge commen typlars contrere to the Statute they Stand amercyd xijd
Robert Balamy & that they take doune ther aelstakes within iiij days next after the court vnder the peyne of xs
Item fraunces vj s viij d harbadge & thomas hunt for sufferynge the braysares to Stand afor ther his dore
Soylles  they he Standes amercyd
Item that euery householder dwellyng within the burrow of Stratford within xiiij days next after this
Court do put a way ther ynmakes vnder the peyne of xxs & that none receve
eny ynmakes from hensfurthe in lyke peyne without lysaunce of the bely
Item that no ynhabytant within this burrow from hensfurthe receve eny straunger woman
beynge with chyld to be brought to bed in ther houses vnder the peyne of xxs
Item that euery housholder within this burrow befor ther Soylles do frotyme to tyme
kep cleane ther gutters vnder the peyne of euery offender to forfert iijs iiijd tociens quociens
Item that euery bochar do let carre furthe of the burro at seasonable tymez do the ryddynges of ther beastes bellys garbages & beastes pates vnder
the peyn of eny offender to forfet for euery defalt vjs viijd
Item that no ynhabytant within stratford from hensfurthe presume to be a commen brwar but only suche as are
or shalbe assigned & appwyntyd by the bely vnder the peyne of euery offender to forfet for euery
defalt xxs
Item that non ynhabytant within stratford be a commen vyttelar or a typlar without a lysaunce
vnder the peyne of xxs
Item that none do presume to be a commen brwar but suche as be & shalbe assigned &
appwyntyd by the bely vnder the pein xls tociens quocyens
Item that non havynge ther Swyne goynge at lardge in the Stretes nor in the bancroft vnryngyd nor
in eny londes a bout Stratford nor ther Dukkes vnder the peyne of euery offender to forfet for euery
defalt for euery Swyne iiijd
Item that none from hensfurthe do bake bred to Syll but only the commen bacares & that they & euery of them have &
kep a leyffull marke vppon hys bred vnder the peyne to forfet for euery defalt xls & that
euery bacar from tyme to tyme kep thassyez vnder the peyn to forfet for euery defalt iijs iiijd
that to be payd within xiiij days next after euery court after the falt ys or shalbe found,
& to forfet al the bred beynge proved to lyght
Item the cunstabulles do present that Humfrey Homys made afray vppon Robert Hall wherfor he ys amercyd vjd


Item Title
Borough of Stratford-upon-Avon Miscellaneous documents, Vol. 7
Item Date
September 30, 1558
Shakespeare Birthplace Trust
Call Number