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Document-specific information
Title:  Borough of Stratford-upon-Avon Miscellaneous documents, Vol. 7
Date: May 4, 1561
Repository: The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
Call number and opening: BRU15/7/56
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Semi-diplomatic transcription


peyne    that no tenaunt have ^ or suffur to be made vppon hys or ther soylles in the stretes eny mukhyll but only thos that ar appwyntyd by thordor of the iij men
Sub penvjs viijd

peyne   that no person nor ther family ley from hensfurthe eny muke furthe of ther oune housses in the stretes but vppon the commen mukhylles Sub pena iijs iiijd tociens quociens

​peyne   that euery commen bruar befor they twne furthe ther aell do send for the tasters to a say therof vnder peyne xxs

peyne   that no bruar havynge horsmyll of his owne do grynd eny other mens malt but only his oune malt vnder peyne xls tociens quociens

peyne   that no persone revyell eny offecer Sub pena xxs

peyne   that no tenant receve eny ynmake without Specyell lysaunce of mr belyf & thalderman or on of them vnder peyne xxs

peyne   that euery tenant now havynge eny Inmake do put them away within xiiij days next after this court vnder peyne xxs

peyne   that non receve & kep in ther housses eny [s]traunger woman beynge with chyld ther to be brought to bed of chyld peyne xxs

peyne   that euery tenant kep cleane ther gutteres & dyches as well in the stretes as in dedlone vnder peyne vjs viijd

peyne   that no person havynge goynge fedynge & pasturynge in the bancroft eny shyp not ouer & above iij owres in a day vnder peyne vjs viijd

peyne   that Richard charnoke of welcum do let make & set vp a yat on the bake syd of the curryares hous in gylpyttes within iij wyx next after this court vnder peyne vjviijd

peyne   that no tenaunt suffer to go at lardge on moseled ther ban doges nor bytchys beynge in saw sawt vnder peyne vjs viijd

peyne   thaeuery tenant in swynstret & ded lane do scour ther dyches & gutteres over & agenynst ther Soylles befor holy thursday & so from thensfurth
to kep them cleane 
from tyme to tyme under peyne vjs viijd

peyne   that no ynhabytaunt from hensfurth have eny shyp goynge fedynge or pasturynge ijnbancroft not ouer & above ij oures vnder peyne vjs viijd
tociens quociens

ffur' Henry bydyll
        lews ap willm            Iur
        Wm mynske
        Iohn shakspeyr

[Four marks applied]

[Note at foot, dated by the Clerk May 5th, probably acting as an endorsement when it was stored as a roll. ]

[Anno tercio Elizabethe
regine quinto die Maij]





Item Title
Borough of Stratford-upon-Avon Miscellaneous documents, Vol. 7
Item Date
May 4, 1561
Shakespeare Birthplace Trust
Call Number
BRU15/7/56 verso