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Document-specific information
Date: December 21, 1608
Repository: The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
Call number and opening: BRU15/5/127a

Modernized/Translated transcription


Order to the serjeants at mace to have the bodies of 24 named men, summoned as jurors, in the court of the lord king here held before the bailiff there to form a jury of the neighbourhood between William Shakespeare, gentleman, plaintiff, and John Addenbrook, defendant, in a plea of debt and then and there to have this precept.
Witnessed by Francis Smith, junior, bailiff there, 21 December in the sixth year of the reign of King James.
‚Äč                                                             Greene


Semi-diplomatic transcription


Preceptum est Servientibus ad Clavam ibidem quod habeant seu etc Corpora Philippi Greene Iacobi Elliottes Edwardi Hunt Roberti Wilson Thome Kerby Thom

Bridges Ricardi Collyns Iohannis Ingraham Danielis Smyth Willelmi Walker Thome Mylls Iohannis Tubb Ricardi Pincke Iohannis Smyth pannarii Laurencii Holmes

Iohannis Boyce Hugonis Piggen Iohannis Samvell Roberti Cawdry Iohannis Castle Pauli Bartlett Iohannis Yeate Thome Bradshowe Iohannis Gunne

Iuratorum summonitorum in Curia domini Regis hic tenta coram Ballivo ibidem ad faciendum quondam iuratam patrie inter Willelmum Shackspeare generosum querentem et Iohannem Addenbrooke

defendentem in placito debiti et habeant ibi tunc hoc preceptum Teste ffrancisco Smyth Iuniore generoso ballivo ibidem xxjo die Decembris Annis Regni domini nostri

Iacobi dei gratia Regis Anglie ffrauncie et Hibernie sexto et Scotie quadragesimo secundo:


Item Date
December 21, 1608
Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
Call Number