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Document-specific information
Date: July 24, 1605
Repository: The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust
Call number and opening: BRU15/2/3
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Modernized/Translated transcription

[first paragraph]

Know all men by these presents that I Ralph Hubaud of Ipsley in the county of Warwick, esquire, am held and firmly bound to William Shakespeare of Stratford-upon-Avon in the said county of Warwick, gentleman, in the sum of eighty pounds of good and legal English money to be paid to the same William or his certain attorney, executors or assigns, to the certain payment of which I firmly bind myself, my heirs, executors asnd adminstrators by these presents sealed with my seal. Given the twenty-fourth day of July in the years of the reign of our lord James, by the grace of God, king of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, defender of the faith etc., namely of England, France and Ireland the third and of Scotland the thirty-eighth.

Semi-diplomatic transcription

Nouerint vniuersi per presentes me Radulfum Hubaud de Ippesley in comitatu Warr’ Armigerum teneri et firmiter obligari Willelmo Shakespear de

Stratforde super Avon in dicto comitatu Warr’ generoso in Octingentis libris bone et leg[a]lis monete Anglie solvendis eidem Willelmo

aut suo certo Attornato executoribus vel assignatis suis Ad quam quidem solucionem bene & fideliter faciendam Obligo me heredes

executores & administratores meos firmiter per presentes sigillo meo sigillatas Datum vicesimo quarto die Iulii Annis Regni domini nostri Iacobi dei

gracia Anglie Scocie ffrancie & Hibernie Regis fidei defensoris &c scilicet Anglie ffrancie & Hibernie Tercio & Scocie tricesimo octavo


The condicion of this obligacion is suche that if thaboue bounden Raphe Hubande his heires executors administrators & assignes & euerye of

them shall & doe from tyme to tyme & att All tymes well & truelye observe performe fulfill & keepe All & euerye Covenaunte graunte

Article clause sentence & thinge mencioned expressed & declared in A certein writinge Indented bearinge date with thees

presentes made betweene the sayed Raphe Hubaude on thone parte & the Abouenamed William Shakespear on thother parte And

which on the parte & behalf of the saied Raphe his heires executors administrators & Assignes or anie of them are to bee observed performed

fulfilled or kept According to the purporte & true meaninge of the saied writinge That then this present obligacion to bee

voyde & of none effect or els to stand & abide in full force power & vertue.

[signed on tag, with fragmentary seal] Raffe Huband
Sealed & deliuered in the presens of
William Hubaud
Anthony Nasshe Francis Collyns. 



Item Date
July 24, 1605
Shakespeare Birthplace Trust
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