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BRU15/2/2, folio 7 recto
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Document-specific information
 Date: July 24, 1605
Repository: The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust
Call number and opening: BRU15/2/2
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Semi-diplomatic transcription

[fol. 7r] 

on thother partie As by the said Deade obligatorie Moore att large yt dothe &
maie Appeare And whereas alsoe the said Sir Iohn Hubaud
by his laste Will & testamente in Writinge did gyve & bequeath vnto the said
Raphe Hubaud and
 vnto George Digbye the esquier & after made his Executors amongste other thinges
knight the moytie or one half of All & singuler the said tythes as well greate & smalle before mencioned to
be graunted to the said Baylieffe & Burgesses for & duringe All
the yeares
 soe longe tyme & vntill of the issues & proffittes thereof soe muche as
with those other thinges in his saied will to that purposse willed lymitted or Appointed
shall should be sufficient to discharge beare & paie his funeralles debtes
& legacies And the other moytie or one half of the saied Tythes did alsoe gyve & bequeath
vnto the saied Raphe Hubaude & his assignes during all the yeares then to
come in the saied Originall lease & not expired payeinge the one half
of the rentes & other charges dewe or goeing out of or for the same that
is to saie the one half of Tenne poundes by yeare to be paied to the saied
Iohn Barker over & aboue the rentes thereof reserved vpon the saied originall lease for the same
As by the saied will & testament more Att large Appeareth This
Indenture nowe witnesseth that the saied Raphe Hubaude for & in consideracion
of the some of ffoure hundred & ffourtie poundes of lawfull englishe
money to him by the saied William Shackesphere before thensealing
& deliuerye of these presentes well & truelie contented & paied whereof &

Item Date
July 24, 1605
Shakespeare Birthplace Trust
Call Number
BRU15/2/2, fol. 7r