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BRU15/2/2, folio 4 recto
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Document-specific information
 Date: July 24, 1605
Repository: The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust
Call number and opening: BRU15/2/2
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Semi-diplomatic transcription

[fol. 4r] 

And wheras alsoe the interest as well of the said premisses graunted vnto the said
Baylief and Burgesse, As alsoe the interest ^a of all other the premisses
 in the
said originall Lease mencioned (the reuercion wherof was then remainynge in her
Maiesties handes and the interest of Certaine Coppie holdes lande in Shotterie in the
parishe of Stratford aforesaid beinge by good and lawfull Conveyance & assurance in
the lawe before that tyme Conveyed & assured to Iohn Barker of Hurste in
the said countie of Berk’ He the said Iohn Barker by his Indenture
bearinge date the ffoure and Twenteth daye of Iune in the Twoe and
twente yeare of the Raigne of our said souereigne Lady the (late) Quenes Maiestie Elizabeth for the Consideracions
therin specifyed did give graunte assigne and sett ouer vnto Sir Iohn Hubaud
Knighte deceassed brother of the said Raphe Hubaude of Ipsley in the said Countie 
of Warwicke Esquire all & singuler the said laste mencioned premisses And all
his Estate Righte Tytle and Interest that he then had to Come of in and to
all and singuler the said premisses and of all other Mannors Messuages Landes
Tenementes gleebe landes tiethes oblacions Comodities and proffittes in the said originall
Lease mencioned for and duringe all the yeares & terme then to Come vnexpired
in the said originall Lease (exceptinge certaine thinges as in & by the saide
laste mencioned Indenture is excepted) As by the same Indenture more att large maie
appeare To have and to holde all and singuler the said recyted premisses
(excepte before excepted) to the saied Sir Iohn Hubaud knight his Executors

Item Date
July 24, 1605
Shakespeare Birthplace Trust
Call Number
BRU15/2/2, fol. 4r