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BRU15/2/2, folio 10 recto
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Document-specific information
 Date: July 24, 1605
Repository: The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust
Call number and opening: BRU15/2/2
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Semi-diplomatic transcription

[fol. 10r] 

manner & forme followeinge That is to saie vnto the Baylyffe & Burgesses of Stratford
aforesaied & their Successors the yearelie rent of Seaventeene poundes Att the
ffeastes of St Michaell tharchangell & thanunciacion of blessed Marie the Virgin
by equall porcions And vnto Iohn Barker his executors administrators or Assignes the
yearelie rent of ffyve poundes att the ffeast daies & place in the recited
Indenture of Assignement lymitted & appointed ^ or within fourtie dayes after the saied ffeaste daies by even porcions As parcell of the saied Annuall
Rent of Twentye seaven poundes thirteene shillinges foure pence in the saied
Assignement mencioned And the saied Raphe Hubaud doth by thees presentes
for him his heires Executors administrators & assignes Covenaunte & graunte to & with the
saied William Shakesphere his executors administrators & Assignes & euerye of them
That Hee the saied Raphe Hubaude Att the tyme of thensealinge of thees
presentes hath & att the tyme of the first execucion of Anie estate interest or terme
by force of thees presentes shall have full power lawfull & sufficient
Aucthoritie certenlie suerlie & absolutelie to graunte demise assigne
& sett over the saied moyties or one half of all & singuler the saied
Tythes & other premisses before by thees presentes lastelie mencioned to be assigned
& sett over & euerie parte & parcell thereof vnto the saied William
Shakesphere his executors & assignes Accordinge to the true meaning
of thees presentes And alsoe that the saied william Shakesphere his executors

Item Date
July 24, 1605
Shakespeare Birthplace Trust
Call Number
BRU15/2/2, fol. 10r