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BRU15/2/2, folio 1 recto
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Document-specific information
 Date: July 24, 1605
Repository: The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust
Call number and opening: BRU15/2/2
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Semi-diplomatic transcription

[fol. 1]

24 Iuly 1605
E.[dmond] M.[alone]
This Indenture made the &c Betweene Raphe Hubaude of Ippesley in the countye of Warr’ Esquier
on thone parte And William Shakespeare of Stratford upon Avon in the saied countie 
of Warr’ gentleman on thother parte Witnesseth Whereas Anthonie Barker Clarke
Late Warden of the Colledge or Collegiate Churche of Stratford upon Avon
in the saied countye of Warr’ And Giles Coventrie subwarden there And
the Whole Chapter of the same late Colledge by their deade Indented Sealed
with their Chapter seale dated the Seaventh daie of September in the Sixe
& Thirtyth Yeare of the Raigne of the late Kinge of famous Memorie
kinge Henrye the viijte demysed granted & to farme lett (Amongste diuerse other thinges)
vnto one William Barker of Sonnynge in the countye of Bark’ gentleman All & All manner
of Tythes of Corne Graine blade & Heye yearelie & from tyme to tyme
comynge encreasing Reneweing Arrysing groweing yssueing or happeninge or to bee
had receyved perceyved or taken out vpon of or in the townes villages hamlettes groundes &
ffyeldes of Stratford Old Stratford Welcombe & bushopton in the sayed Countye
of Warr’ And alsoe All & all manner of Tythes of wooll lambe & other small
& pryvie Tythes oblacions obvencions Alterages mynumentes & offeringes whatsoeuer
yearelie & from tyme to tyme cominge encreasinge reneweing or groweing
or to bee had receyved perceyved or taken within the parishe of Stratford vpon
Avon aforesaied in the saied Countye of Warr’ by the name or
names of All & singuler their Mannors landes Tenementes meadowes pastures feedinges
woodes vnderwoodes rentes reuercions services courtes leetes rightes releeves
wardes marriages harriottes perquisites of Courtes liberties iurisdiccions & all other
hereditamentes with all & singuler other rightes comodities & their Appurtenaunces togeather with all
manner of parsonages

Item Date
July 24, 1605
Shakespeare Birthplace Trust
Call Number
BRU15/2/2, fol. 1r