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BRU15/1/94, folio 1 verso and folio 2 recto
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Document-specific information
 Date: September 5, 1614
Repository: The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
Call number and opening: BRU15/1/94
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Semi-diplomatic transcription

[fol. 1v]
Iohanna [Note by TG: Cawdrey] vidua tenet per Indenturam datam
xiiijto die Maij Anno Regni Henrici viijvi  xxxvijmo factam
per Reverendum in Christo patrem Nicholaum quondam|
Episcopum Wigorn’ vnum Messuagium vnam Virgatam
Terre vnum Cottagium et duas acras terre et vnam
C1auseam cum pertinentiis pro Termino lxo annorum a
festSancti Michaelis a[r]changeli proximo post datam
dicte Indenture Redditui per Annu       
xxs iiijd
[Note by Thomas Greene in left margin]
Mr [Thomas] Barber

[Note by TG in left margin]
1 messuagium
1 Cotagium
1 Closse
1 yard Land
2 acres Land

Thomas Raynoldes generosus tenet per Indenturam
datam xxo die Iunij Anno Regni domine nuper Regine
Elizabeth xxvijo factam per Ambrosium nuper Comitem
Warr’ duo Messuagia et vnum Toftum et duas
Virgatas Terret vnum aliud messuagium et vnam
aliam Virgatam terre et dimidium Cum pertinentiis pro
Termino vitarum Thome Raynoldes Margarete vxoris
eius et Henrici filii eorum Redditui per Annum

[Note by TG in left margin]
Mr Reynoldes

[Note by TG in right margin]
3 messuagia
1 Toftum
 yard virgatterre
½ virgate terre

Thomas Sheffield tenet per Indenturam
datam xiiijdie Maij Anno Regni nuper Regis
Henrici viijvi  xxxvijo factam per Nicho­laum quondam
Episcopum Wigorn’ vnum Messuagium et dimidium
Virgatam terre Cum pertinentiis pro Termino lxo
Annorum Redditui per Annum
xvs iiijd

[Note by TG in left margin]
Iohn Sheffield]

[Note by TG in right margin]
1 messuagium
 ½ virgate terre

Iohannes Richardson tenet per Indenturam datam
xmo die Octobris Anno Regni nuper Regis Her
Henrici viijvi xxxiiijto factam per Hugonem quondam
Wigorn’ Episcopum vnum Massua­gium et vnam virgatam
Terre et vnum aliud Messuagium voca­tum Yonges et
vnum Toftum cum tribus aliis Virgatis terre
pro Termino lxo annorum Redditui per Annum
xxxvijs iiijd

[Note by TG above]
13 yeres to come

[Note by TG in right margin]
2 messuagia
1 Toftum
4 virgate terre

Summa with the Colledge
ljl vijs iiijd

[in right margin, partly obscured, and extending across the fold onto f. 2, an apparent total of lands in TG’s hand]
13 yardland & 3 quarters
Welcombe 2
Byshopton 2

[Notes added by Thomas Greene]
Stratford Vetus & manerium & advocacionis vicarie & terre ibidem tente per Iohannem
ducum Northumberland in circa 7 E 6

2 Sept 1613
[in right margin, partly obscured, and extending across the fold onto f. 2, an apparent total of lands in TG’s hand]
13 yardland & 3 quarters
Welcombe 2
Byshopton 2

[fol. 2r: in TG's hand]
5 Septembris 1614
Auncient ffreeholders in the ffieldes of Old Stratford and Welcombe.
Mr [William] Shakspeare. 4 yard Land. noe Common nor grownd beyond gospell bushe.
nor grownd in Sandfield, nor none in slowe hill field beyond Bishopton nor
none in the enclosure beyond Bishopton.

Thomas Parker in right of his wife half a yard Land, noe Land in Sandfield. q’ if gospell
bushe & slow hill ffield: but hath Common over all the ffieldes:

Mr [Iohn] Lane, in [William] Perryes occupacion half a yard Land: hath some Land beyond gospell bushe & hey in
Welcombe medowe:

Sir Frauncys Smyth 19 or 20 Ridges in the ffieldes wherof 6 in Watt ffurlonge nere
Welcombe medowe, noe Common. 1 shootyng vpon Iohnsons gate. 5 at the upper
end of the Dingles & 5 shootyng vpon Mr [Anthony] Nashes Inclosure.

[William?] Mace. 21 or 22 Landes or thereaboutes most of them lyeing in Sandfield wherof 4 shootyng vpon the 4
Elms. 2 into Brinols way:
& 5 Leyes in the Hame. 

Arthur Cawdry hath a year Lande

Mr [Richard] Wright Vicar of Bishopton 4 Leyes in the Hame:


Item Date
September 5, 1614
Shakespeare Birthplace Trust
Call Number
BRU15/1/94, fol. 1v-2r