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Document-specific information
Date: November 17, 1614 - September 1615
Repository: The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
Call number and opening: BRU15/13/26a, 27-29

Semi-diplomatic transcription

[BRU 15/13/29 verso]

Vpon the moweing of Welcombe Medowe Mr William Combe opphis eatyng vpp the grasse thereof which hadd wont to be preserved vntill Michaelmas to help their wheat soweing.

25 Julii. Commyng from Glouc[ester] [?] Peter Rosewell nere Marston told me that William Combe hadd sent Sir Edward Greville a fatt wether & ment to vse SiAr Edward Greville: favour to Sir Arthur Ingram to buy the Royalty of old Stratford for Mr Combe for better furthryng his enclosure & to end the difference between Peter Roswell & him.

26 William Combe & Thomas Combe rod to Mylcott to Sir Arthur Ingram to Mylcott :
Easter terme his payeing for 2 bylles
one agaynst Hiccox [?] Replingham the other . agaynst Mr Barker [?] Browne.
William Combe payd for the wrytyng of the bylles & for draweing them & soe Mr Dastons man told Edmund Rawlyngs.

8 Augusti Sir Henry Smyth & others their puttyng vpp the peticion for eatyng vpp Welcomb Welcombe medowe w[i]th sheepe.
    1615                                     Sept  William Shakspeares tellyng John Greene that I
    14 Aug Mr Barker dyed.     was not able to he beare the enclosemge of Welcombe
5. Sept. his sendyng James for the executours of Mr Barker concerning to agree as ys sayd with them for Mr Barkers inf interest.

10 Sept Mr William Barnes told his vncle in my hearyng at Clyfford that Mr Combe hadd bought their interest & gave them xs in earnest & was to pay xlli 

12 Sept. ffrancis Boice & John Samwell at my house told me of Mr William Combe syttyng at his. being appoynted to look of be taken of him by holder 6d & of John Yate iiiid for their pyggs before they could have them forth of the pownde & howe that ffrancis Aynge was dryven to sue a Replevyn:

16. Sept. 1615 Sir Henry Raynsford repeated to me howe that he hadd told Mr John Nashe howe that Mr William Combes best way was to agree with me & that Mr William Combe therevppon se went to Sir Henry & thanked him for his kyndnes therein & told Sir Henry that he would gyve me satisfaccion so as I would procure the townes consent & that Mr Combe told him that Henry Smyth would lett him have the his Land lying within the enclosure the Towne being compounded witha withall & that Arthur Cawdrey answered him that he would never consent without the. Towne & that he hadd a house & other things more profitable to him them th his Land was: & that he hadd rather loose his Land then loose their goodwilles & Sir Henry also nowe told me that Peter Rosewell hadd spoken with him & then within this few dayes & told him that thoughe Mr Combe have bene at Mylcott yet he shalbe sure never to have any royalty there & that he would sue Mr William Combe in accions of trespas vpon trouer for carryeing away his Corne and will alsoe sue Thomas Combe vpon a bond of xlli 400li for that he enjoyeth not the doales there but hadd his Corne soe carrydd away & will sue William Combe in the Starre Chamber for ryotts & alsoe seek relief in equity against Mris Hyatt: & fyn .& told Sir Henry Raynsford that Sir Edward Greville would stick to him: & that Sir Arthur Ingram would goe was gone into the North with Riche merchants & would perhapps sell there & buy all the Royalties at Stratford: & my answer touchyng my self was that seeing my advantage touching, Mr Manwayryng I would be gladd to see what composicion in reddy money he would offer me for otherwise I would not deale with him. Sir Henry alsoe told me howe Mr Combe sayd he should dymys dymynyshe my tythes . 30s. per annum there. by the [?] harrowing of his ground at Ingon :
    [marginal notes against this entry] Arthur Cawdrys speeche.
    William Combe his Ryotts about Peter Rosewell his Corne.
    Dimynish my tyethes 30s per annum

21. Sept. Mr Collyns told Mr R G [?] that William Combe would have a Commission of Concealments & then gett a yere of the come & sayd questyons whether the yeres tythes did passe the rents payd in lieue of Tythes.

22. Sept. 1615. Sir Henry Raynsford told me that Mr Combe hadd spoken with him & sayd he would not agree with me vnles he agreed with all the rest & that he sayed he would ly down lay downe all his Land to pasture nowe & at 2 yeres end yt would yeld him as much proffyt as otherwise & that he would plough at Ryon & by that meanes he might lay down his land in the Common ffyelds.
    [marginal note against this entry] ploweing at Ryon Clyfford

28 Sept. Mr Nashe & Thomas Greene offryng the tax for the poore to Mr Combe he woId not signe yt vnles I might be as much as himself as xs on a mark or thereabouts: & then R G told me of his quarrellyng with Thomas Greenes man about diggyng clay in the wastes

.6. Octobris. T Lucas his being at the Hall about his money.
    [marginal note against this entry] Wastes

Item Date
November 17, 1614 - September 1615
Shakespeare Birthplace Trust
Call Number
BRU15/13/26a, 27-29