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Document-specific information
Date: November 17, 1614 - September 1615
Repository: The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
Call number and opening: BRU15/13/26a, 27-29

Semi-diplomatic transcription

[BRU 15/13/28 recto]

14 Decembris . 1615. Mr ffrancys Smyth senior at the Hall told me that Mr Thomas Combe within a fewe dayes before told him that his brother would plowe this yere for his good but next yere would lay yt downe to spyte me.
The same day there Mr Baker told me that they questyoned my Lord Cheif Justices authority to make any such order as was made there being nothyng dependyng before him.

19. Dec. 1615. poore blynd Hiccox dryven to gett a replevyn of Mr Collyns for replevyeing cattle his milch cattle taken by the Heyward in other mens corne. the highe Sheryff denyeing yt him for 4 or 5 dayes.

26. Dec. 1615 T L his raylynge vpon & beatynge J Courte:

21 Febr 1615. agreed and entred in the book at a hall that the enclosure should be made a Towne cause & be the charges be defrayed out of the towne revenewes.
    [marginal note against this entry] to sett downe the procedyngs about shewyng the dyggers the Coppy of my Lord’s order & their Answere abour Mr Thomas Combe & the highe Sheryff

24 febr. 1615. the Highe Sheryff & Mr Thomas Combe at the bridge end toward the woodyard told being told by Mr Baker that he marveyled he would contrary to my Lords order enclose and digg in the Common. they answered they hoped my Lord could not hynder them for wi men for doeing with their owne as they pleased. & that the dytch was mad but to save their Mr Sheryff his Corne, sayeing they had gyven [money?] to my Lord's gentlemen to work my Lord & that was no good ymployment of their towne revenewes.

27. ffebr. Mr Sheryff sayd that which was done was was done agaynst his will & yet on ffryday .1. Marcii Mr Baylyff Mr Alderman myself Mr Walford Mr Henry Chandler Mr Henry Smyth ffrancis Boice & Richard Hasler went to see the Inclosure (ffrancis Bois & Richard Haseler being gone to the lower end) one John Terry Thomas Hiccox William Whitehead & Michaell Pigeon were in fynyshyng the enclosure consystyng of 27 ridges acres length a peece & 3 headlands those fellowes sayd that yt was true that Mr Thomas Combe & Boughton did (in Mr Sheryffs absence at London) warrant them & they would defend them & that Mr Highe Sheryff did nowe sett hi them on worke & badd them take noe discharge at any mans hands whoesoever & he would see they should take noe harm.

28 febr. coram magistro Gybbard W Webbe Morrell sayd told me in my study that Mr Sheryff before Valentine Tant sayd to him yf he were not out of authority he would send him to the Gaole & havyng dyvers tymes ympounded his shepe. badd him tell my Lord Cooke that he would for euery seuerall trespass have a seuerall accion agaynst him. & for every vid dammage wold recover agaynst him vili
    [marginal note against this entry] William Morrell alias Webbe

.2. Marcii. 1615. Mr Chandlers man Richard Ward went to the place where they were dyggyng & Stephen Sly John Terry Thomas Hiccox William Whitehead & Michaell Pigeon assalted him soe as he could not proceede with throweing downe the dytches & Sly sayd yf the best in Stratford came were there to throwe yt downe he wold bury his head in the bottom of the dytche:
     [marginal note against this entry] query plus

.3. Marcii, 1615. Sir Henry Raynsford at Clyfford told me of Mr William Combes tellyng him that he was to pay my Lord lxli per annum for xxi yeres for the Land he sold my Lord & hadd the my lords barne into the bargayne.
    [marginal note against this entry] barne

Item Date
November 17, 1614 - September 1615
Shakespeare Birthplace Trust
Call Number
BRU15/13/26a, 27-29