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Document-specific information
Date: November 17, 1614 - September 1615
Repository: The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
Call number and opening: BRU15/13/26a, 27-29

Semi-diplomatic transcription

[BRU 15/13/27 verso]

10. Januarii. 1614. at the quarter sessions: Mr Archer was spoken to as a Justice of peace & a Commoner to help at the Sessions for preventyng breach of the peace.
At Mr Baylyes instance we viz. he, myself Mr Baker Mr Walford & Mr Chandler alighted at the Byalyes [sic] for that part was so fytt to goe privately to Mr Wards & thence to Mr Hales, we went & there agreed as there we hadd together resolved none shall be spoken of but the dyggers & noe mencion at all of Mr Mannering Mr Replingam or Mr Combe. agree the peticion shall not be putt vpp. went to Mr Halls & shewed him as to Mr Ward our feares of tumult & howe on Monday people came to looke on when Mr Walford & Mr Chandler were there. desired his advice as also that he wold persuade Mr Combe there might be stay made & to enforme my Lord Compton thereof. & too putt him in mynd of his promise to the Countrey at the last dig dyggynge, & being sett in Court Mr Stapelton asked what I hadd to say that he might despatch me & I sayd I was not reddy but sent for Mr Ward who happely mett Mr Replyngham in the Court about the Hall & proposed stay of enformyng the Court which J Mr Bayly being nere Mr Ward yelded to. Aftir dyner at Mr Wards house agreements were made in these words. 10 Januarii 1614.
[marginal notes against this entry]
    Respect to Mr Combe.
    My Lord Comptons promise at last dyggyng.

10 Januarii 1614.
Yt is agreed for preventyng of Tumults and avoydyng of meetyng of the people of Stratford & Bi Byshopton for the present.
1      That any further dytchyng stay vntill the. 25. of March next.
2.     That there be noe ploughing on the Common or any part thereof vntill then.
3.     And yt ys ment there shalbe a cartway left vnder Rowley. and other vsuall ways to lye open.
       [marginal note against this clause] Not done but stopped since 
4.    Yt ys ment that there shalbe noe throweing downe of the dytches alreddy sett vpp but aftir such wayes as aforesayd, vntill aftir the sayd 25 day          of Marche.
      Subscribed William Walford William Chandler Thomas Greene. W Thomas Ayng his marke William Ayng his marke.                   

While this was doeing as yt stands, the dytches by .women & Chid Children of Byshopton & Stratford were fylled vp agayne.

Before dyner tyme I never sawe Thomas Greene Thomas or William Aynge. and I heartely thanke almighty god I never gave the lest allowance in any tumultuous courses but protested agaynst yt & as yet never was gave any Counsell to any Bishopton mann in these busynes.

On Wednesday being the xith day. anon aftir the Court Mr Parsons told Mr Bayly & me in the Hall that Mr Lucas sayd that the other syde being X Mr Walford & Mr Chandler might have gone. 9. & noe .ryott & shewed him many cases as he sayed yester night in that poynt but I dissented & lyked not that Course by but confessed yt was true in case of a mylston or a great peece of tymber that soe many might goe as were sufficiently able to cary yt away or lade yt.
    [marginal note against this entry] Query this opinion of riotts
At night Mr Replingham supped with me & Mr William Barnes was to beare him Company where he assured me before Mr Barnes that I should be well dealt withall as n confessyng former promisses & th by himself Mr Manneryng & his agreement for me with my Cosen Shakspeare:

Thursday. 12. Jan. in the mornying the Company did meet & there Mr Barker Mr Walford Mr Chandler Mr Henry Smyth Mrs Quyney Lewes Hiccox & Laurence Wheeler e[x]pressly to Mr Replinghams face disagreed to the intended inclosure & these Mr Bayly from Mr & Mr Baker from Mr John Lanes mouth declared that he would never agree while he lived & sayd he would enter for a forfyture vpon his tenants for a former forfyture yf ever they did agree therevnto: and all desired that Mr Manneryng wold stay all proceedyngs and at party to inclose : & at partyng Mr Replyngham sayd he wold gyve names to Mr Baylyf for doing Justice vpon the women dyggers: & yt was answered that then Justice should be be done:
     [marginal note against this entry] Disagreers 12 Ja. 12 Ja. Regis

On ffryday. 13. January: being an hall day and the accompt day about .2. of the clock in the aftirnoone he. came to the Hall & shewed a note of names, of whom he sayd he would gyve some names to Mr Baylyff (but not of all) that he would bynd them to their good behaviours & then without at the Court table he wrote a Lettre to Sir Henry Raynsford: I told Mr Replingham they would cry out of me as if I did cas cause to be bound for my Clarks proffits but I cared not the Law should by myne advise be executed upon them:

14.  I went to Clyfford to speake with Sir Henry Raynsford but he was at Brodeway.
[marginal mote] 16 Mr William Combe rod as was sayd toward London

Item Date
November 17, 1614 - September 1615
Shakespeare Birthplace Trust
Call Number
BRU15/13/26a, 27-29