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Document-specific information
Date: November 17, 1614 - September 1615
Repository: The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
Call number and opening: BRU15/13/26a, 27-29

Semi-diplomatic transcription

[BRU 15/13/26a verso]

24 aftir noone Mr Wyatt told me that Mr Wryght within theis 2 houres told him that they were in framyng an answere to the Lettres wrytten from Mr Baylyff and the Company this Lettre. And that my lord Carewe did intend to oppose the inclosure there to be made all he might, alsoe Mr Wyatt told me that about ffryday laf laste he spake with Mr Manneryng whoe told him that yf he might not doe yt well & he cared not for inclosyng and cared cared not howe little he did meddle therein.

28. November at night Mr Replinghams speche with me & my opposynge yt, I sayd I did it accordyng to the trust in me reposed by the Baylyff &c & howe I was tyed to them &c and as for myne owne particuler interest I would not vary from what I hadd sayd before & soe wee parted.

3. Dec Mr Baylye William Barnes Junior at night told me that Mr Combe was gone to London: & then I told th him that I would have the Lands seene that I might knowe howe to make reasonable demands of Mr Manneryng.

5 Dec at a Hall the Company agreed that .6. should goe to Mr Combe in the name of all the rest to present their Loves & to desire he would be pleased to forbeare to inclose & to desire his love as they wilbe reddy to deserve yt.
Arthur Caudry rather desirit the inclosure might rather stay then goe on, William Emet did not wish yt might not take effect. Edward Hunt would not consent without Sir ffrancis Smyth but desirit for his own part yt might not goe on :

9 Dec aftir Mr Bayley & wee hadd spent some 4 or 5 houres with the overseers of the poore he Mr Alderman & I Mr Baker Mr Shawe & Mr Chandler went accordyngly to Mr Combe whose answere was he should be gladd of our loves & that the inclosures would not be hurtfull to the Towne that he hadd not to doe with yt but to haue some proffytt by yt & that he thought Mr Manneryng was soe farre ingaged therein as that he would not be intreated & therefore he would not bestowe his labour to entreate him in any sorte saying if the froste broke the dychynge would goe presently forward.
[marginal note] Goeing to Mr Combe

[in the margin] 10 Dec that the survey there was past, I went came from Wilson to look Mr Replinghjam at the beare & at new place but missed him & on the narowe sid but he was not to be spone with.  

11 Dec I being Sunday I acquaynted Mr Bayly that I hadd a byll reddy drawen & prayed th him to appoynt a Hall & he puttyng yt of till ffryday I sayd yt desired haste & wished yt might be on the morowe & soe yt was sumoned.

12 Dec at the Hall the byll was reade. & stayeth till Mr Bayly Mr Alderman Mr Ba myself & Mr Baker haue bene at Stoneley & aftir some dispute of my consentynge I at their instance did write that I declare my prouins to be by all lawefull & reasonable meanes to assist them as their Steward and Counseller to withstand the inclosure & howe I hadd given my word for it & then Mr Walford challengyng I ought to Mr William Combe well I know where one told me he would help me to a Lease for .20. yeres yet to come of the same tythes & a bond of 100li to perform yt: Eust licence de concorder & that Thomas Rutter sayd that Mr Thomas Combe sayed they were all Curres & sayd of & them spitting that one of the dogges such a one as Walford was the cause of sendyng Hitchcocks to prison: And that now Mr William Barnes sayed that Mris Reynolds denyed yt for when the enclosure was, Mr Replyngham sayd yt was not yet for Mr Combe, but hadd bene surveyed & when Mr Replyn Manneryng knewe the valor thereof yt might be Mr Combe might have yt before any other.
[marginal notes against this paragraph]
They would have had my interest in the part of be inclosed.

14 Dec my goeingto Mr Wrights with Edmund Rawlyns but he was gone to Worcester. & thence to Mr Nashe about the Chauncell & he told me of the arbitrations. & the 100li & the churchyard.
The same day my as tryeing my Cosen Baker what he would say about their buyeing the interest of the tythes.

15 Dec being Thursday I told Mr [N?]Ashe & my Cosen Baker what I thought a Commoner might doe as touching throweing downe of dytches being same day he & Mr Bayly for him told me that Sir Thomas Leyghe stayed in London all xpmas &c & soe Mr Manneryng [was] not lyke to come downe & I vrgyng that some Course might be taken for say stayeing the inclosure, my Cosen Baker yt were not fytt any thing were done vntill they did see that he did sett a diggyng.
Mr Bayly alsoe then told me at his house that James Elliotts & Arthur Cawdry hadd taken a vewe of all the errable Lands: but being busy yt being markett day he cold not stay about yt to shewe yt me. 506 Lands.

20. at the College before Sir Henry Raynsford (at such tyme as Mr Byshope was there about Mr Lane) Mr Combe in gret earnestnes sayd nowe I can not hynder the inclosure now I sight [side with?] Mr Manneryng: And after at my door pale door before John Watkyns & W. Martyn I told Mr Combe that the words between vs were but speeches in the ton of pleasure & not to preiudice me with Mr Manneryng & he sayd noe yt made noe mater & noe Advantage to be taken of them.

21. Our goeing to Clarden Mr Spencer sayd Lord Chancery was their friend in Chancery. Councell table Sir ffulk Grevill sent to me[?] he wold have vs peticion to the Kyngs Chancery case of annoying Sir Thomas Lucy.

23. Dec. A Hall. Lettres wrytten one to Mr Manneryng another to Mr Shakspeare with the almost all the company’s hands to eyther: I alsoe wrytte of myself to my Cosen Shakspeare the Coppyes of all our oathes made then alsoe a not of the Inconvenyences wold grow[?] by the Inclosure. Edmund Rawlyns well remembreth that [?] in my best Chamber told me I should have [?] for my tythes viz that evenyng he sent for me to th[?] and to speake about Mr Lanes busynes:

[alongside this paragraph is some Latin verse as follows]

Heu vivunt homines tanquam mors nulla sequeter
Et velut informis fabula vana fide
Mors certa est incerta dies hora agnita nulli
Extremam quare tu quamlibet esse diem puta
Fleures si scires vnam vnum tibi tempora mensem
Rides cum non si forsitan vna dies
Qui modo sanus erat nunc lecto egrotus adheret
Estque cinis subito qui modo ciuis erat.

Item Date
November 17, 1614 - September 1615
Shakespeare Birthplace Trust
Call Number
BRU15/13/26a, 27-29