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Document-specific information
Creator: Adrian Quiney
Title: Miscellaneous documents: Stratford-upon-Avon corporation
Date: ca. November 4, 1598
Repository: Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
Call number and opening: BRU15/1/131
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Semi-diplomatic transcription


yowe shalle god wyllying Receve from youre wyfe by Mr baylye thys berer aswrance
of xs y she wold helpe have yow to bye some grocerye yff hyt be Resonabl
yow maye have carryage by a woman who I wyllyd to come to yow Mr Layne by
Report hath Received a great sum of money of Mr Smyth of Wotten but wylle not
be known of hyt & denyed to lend your wyfe any but hys wyffe saye sayd
that he had Received vli which was gevyn hyr & wyshed hym to lend that to your wyfe
which he dyd she hopyth to mayke Evysham to paye Mr Combes & all the Rest
I wrot to yowe concerning Ihon Rogersse the howsse goethe greatlye to dekaye
aske cecillie therein & doe somewhat therein as she ys in doubt that Mr Parsonsse wylle
not paye the 3li 13s 4d wherefore wryte to hym yffe yowe maye
have carryage to bye some such warys as yow may selle presently at profit
yffe yowe R bargen with Mr Shakespear or Receave money there or bryng your money home
w yow maye I see howe knite stockynges be sold ther ys grete byinge of them at Evysham
Edward Wheat & Harrye your brother man were both at Evysham thysdaye sent
& as I hearde bestow 20li there in knyte hosse hosse Wherefore I thynke
yow maye doo good yff yow can have money

[verso, endorsed]

Item Creator
Adrian Quiney
Item Title
Miscellaneous documents: Stratford-upon-Avon corporation
Item Date
October 1598
Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
Call Number