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BRU15/10/9, folio 6
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Document-specific information
Date: February 1611
Repository: The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
Call number and opening: BRU15/10/9, fol. 1-8
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Semi-diplomatic transcription

[fol. 6]

Towardes the dischardg of which said Rent of
twentie seaven pounds thirtene shilling foure
pence this defendaunt doth pay yearly the
somme of ffive pounds for the said Tithes
of Corne graine wooll Lambe and small tythes
before mencioned to be in this defendants possession
And this defendaunt also saith that he likwise
holdeth and enjoyeth vnder the title of the said
Sir Iohn Hubaud as he taketh it the tythes of
Corne graine and hey in Ryen Clifford within
the Parrish of Stretford afforesaid and certeine
Leyes in the said Bill of Complaint mencioned
ffor diuers yeares yet enduring for which said
Tithes of Rien Clifford and Leyes this defendant
is and wilbe readie to pay the yearly ^the said somme


Item Date
February 1611
Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
Call Number