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BRT2/1, p. 59
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Document-specific information
Title: Records of the Stratford-upon-Avon Bridgewardens
Date: ca. July 1605-January 1608
Repository: The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
Call number and opening: BRT2/1, p. 59
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Semi-diplomatic transcription

[BRT 2/12, p. 59]

[marginal note made of a subsequent lease of the same property]

this vj daie of december
Anno 1611: their was A:
lease graunted vnto
Thomas Quyne the
grand Childe of
Adrian Quyne vnder
wrytten: for 21 years
from Christide next
for the Rent of xxs
yearly : with ordinary:

[all five following entries were marked for deletion]

Adrian Quyney holdeth one tenemente cum
pertinentiis by Indenture graunted vnto Thomas
Atwoode alias Tayler by Indenture dated
the xth of ffebruary Annxxxviiio Elizabeth
 Henrici viijui for lxxxor yeres from
the date thereof for the rent of xiiijs
to be paide quarterly with a clause of
distres for none payment within xv daies
& a clause of reentry for none payment
within iij monethes & to kepe the reparacions

Daniell Baker holdeth one tenemente, a barne
a garden & a litle Closse cum pertinentiis by
Indenture dated the xvjth of December Anno
xxxviijo Elizabeth Regine graunted vnto
Katherine Hill widowe for xxjte yeres
for the yerely rent of xxvijs to be
paide quarterly with a clause of
reentry for none payment within tenne daies
& to kepe the reparacions

WilliaRoger Smythe holdeth a Tenemente cum pertinentiis
at the will of the bailiffe & burgesses
rent by the year
[‘William’ later deleted by Thomas Greene and ‘Roger’ substituted]

Thexecutors of Sir Iohn Hubaud Mr Thomas Combes & Mr William Shakespeare doe
holde all man[n]er of Tythes of Corne
grayne & hey in the Townes hamlettes
villages & ffieldes of Olde Stratford
Welcome & Bishopton, & all maner
of Tythes of woole, lambe, hempe
fflaxe & other small & privie tythes
for the yerely rent of xxxiiijli paiable
at our Lady Day & Michaelmas

[‘Thexecutors of Sir Iohn Hubaud’ later underlined by Thomas Greene for deletion and ‘Mr Thomas Combes & Mr William Shakespeare’ substituted]

16 September. examinat’ & amendum
cum originale

Iohn Pace holdeth ijo tenementes & ijo yarde lande
cum pertinentiis in Shottery by Indenture dated
the xiijth of Marche Anno xxvto Elizabeth
Regine for xx xljte yeares to begin at
Michaelmas last before the date therof
for the rent of xxs to be paide
quarterly with a clause of reentry for
none payment within xiiijten daies and
to kepe the reparacions
[Later marginal note by Thomas Greene: ‘16 September. examinat’ & amendum cum originale’]

Item Title
Records of the Stratford-upon-Avon Bridgewardens
Item Date
ca. July 1605-January 1608
Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
Call Number
BRT2/1, p. 59