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April 25, 1616
According to the inscription on the wall monument erected in his memory, Shakespeare died on April 23, 1616 and was buried, as would be normal practice at that time, two days later.
William Stansby printed the eleventh edition of Venus and Adonis for William Barrett in 1617. William Leake had transferred the right to publish Venus and Adonis to Barrett earlier that year on February 16, 1617.
April 18, 1617
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February 16, 1617
Venus and Adonis was the first of Shakespeare's works to be entered into the Stationers' Register and to be printed. It was originally entered into Liber B on April 18, 1593, by Richard Field.
February 10, 1618
On February 10, 1618, five years after William Shakespeare and his associates William Johnson, John Jackson, and John Heminges agreed to purchase the Blackfriars Gatehouse in 1613, Shakespeare’s trustees transferred the title of the Gatehouse to two new trustees.
March 2, 1618
Edward III was originally entered in the Stationers' Register on December 1, 1595, by publisher Cuthbert Burby.
The fourth edition of Pericles was published by Thomas Pavier and printed by William Jaggard in 1619. Pavier and Jaggard printed ten plays by or attributed to Shakespeare, now known to scholars as the Pavier quartos.
Thomas Pavier’s 1619 reissue of A Yorkshire Tragedie, now printed by William Jaggard, repeats the attribution to “W. Shakespeare” and places his name more prominently in capitals, but removes the information about playing company and theater.
1617- 1619
John Weever, a 17th century antiquary, spent approximately three decades gathering notes for his magisterial Ancient Funeral Monuments (1631). One of his surviving notebooks includes notes on Stratford-upon-Avon, with transcriptions from William Shakespeare’s funeral monument.
July 8, 1619
The Merchant of Venice was originally entered into the Stationers' Register on July 22, 1598, by James Roberts.