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Heather Wolfe, project curator
Claire Dapkiewicz and Abbie Weinberg, project coordinators
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Folger Shakespeare Library 2016 exhibition team and contributors
Claire Dapkiewicz (project coordinator), Elizabeth DeBold, Eric M. Johnson, Kate Long, Sarah Powell (paleographer and Latin specialist), Abbie Weinberg, Heather Wolfe (curator), and entire Folger Collections staff

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Robert Bearman
Alan H. Nelson

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Carlo M. Bajetta, Meaghan J. Brown, Martha Carlin, Rachel Clark, Laura Estill, Rosie Brocklehurst Franczak, Brett Greatley-Hirsch, Jonathan Holmes, Adam G. Hooks, Valerie Hotchkiss, Grace Ioppolo, Manuel Jacquez, David Kathman, Peter Kirwan, Justin Kuhn, Erin A. McCarthy, David McInnis, Beatrice Montedoro, Dana F. Sutton, Matthew Vadnais, Zoë Wilcox


The Shakespeare Documented team thanks the staff of the partner institutions for their patience and helpfulness in providing images and permissions for the hundreds of documents in the resource. We are deeply indebted to all of the individuals who provided feedback and clarification at every stage of the project. We are particularly grateful to Alan H. Nelson and Robert Bearman, who, in addition to providing descriptions of most of the archival material from The National Archives and The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, also advised and supported the project in many other ways. Special thanks go to: 
Gavin Alexander, Jamie Andrews, Carlo Bajetta, Bruce Barker-Benfield, Nick Barratt, Francesca Baseby, Carol Burrows, Martha Carlin Lynda Clark, Rachel Cosgrave, Hannah Crumme, Lynsey Darby, Alan Farmer, Chris Fletcher, Peter Foden, Delia Garratt, Kate Harris, Brett Greatley-Hirsch, Christine Hiskey, Esther Hoyle, Valerie Hotchkiss, Sue Hurley, Ulrike Hogg, Kathryn James, Paul Johnson, Caroline Kimbell, Vasiliki Koutrafouri, Calista M Lucy, Katy Mair, Stephen W. May, Erin A. McCarthy, David McKitterick, Barbara Mowat, Stuart Ness, Lena Cowen Orlin, Stephen Parks, Nigel Ramsay, Jennifer Reid, Eve Reverchon, David Rymill, Martin Schøyen, Dennis Sears, James Shapiro, Colin Shearer, Mona Shulman, Lisa Snook, Victoria Stanbury, Sarah Stanley, Stephen Tabor, Paul Taylor, Joanna Terry, Naomi Tiley, Laurence Ward, Jason Scott-Warren,  Michael Warrillow, John Wells, Paul Werstine, Sarah Whale, Zoë Wilcox, and Grant Young.
We would also like to thank current and former Folger staff who provided support throughout the development of the project: Julie Ainsworth, Erin Blake, Caroline Duroselle-Melish, Deborah J. Leslie, Jessica Fraiser, Anna Levine, Caryn Lazzuri, Emily Wahl, Sarah Werner, Jess Zimmerman, and the Reading Room staff.  

Four publications were crucial to developing the extent and content of the resource, and this project would simply have not been possible without them

Bearman, Robert. Shakespeare in the Stratford Records. Phoenix Mill, Far Thrupp, Stroud, Gloucestershire: Alan Sutton Publishing, Ltd., 1994.

Chambers, Edmund Kerchever William Shakespeare: a Study of Facts and Problems. Oxoford: Clarendon Press, 1930.

Schoenbaum, Samuel. William Shakespeare: a documentary life. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1975.

The Shakspere Allusion-Book: a collection of allusions to Shakspere from 1591 to 1700. London: Oxford University Press, 1932.