The oldest Oxford college continuously on one site, co-founded by a woman in the thirteenth century, Balliol is home to young people from many different backgrounds who have come to study with world-class academics. In this large, close-knit community right in the center of Oxford, Balliol generates ideas and educates people who will change the world for the better.

The College’s world-class special collections of medieval manuscripts, early printed and rare books, personal papers and institutional archives are housed in an award winning Historic Collections Centre at St Cross Church, in the centre of the city of Oxford, UK.

External researchers are welcomed to the Historic Collections Centre by prior appointment. The Centre is periodically open for public exhibitions and a growing number of the collections can be explored online. Teachers interested in using the collections to support the curriculum and inspire their students are encouraged to contact the Library. More information can be found on their website.

Terms of use

Balliol College has graciously contributed images from their collections to Shakespeare Documented, and retains sole ownership of said images. Visitors may download, link to and cite the images within Shakespeare Documented in personal research only. Any further use, including, but not limited to, unauthorized downloading or distribution of the images is strictly prohibited. Visitors must contact Balliol College Library to request additional use, at:


Documents contributed by Balliol College

ca. 1613
In 1613 Leonard Digges penned a note onto the fly-leaf of a copy of the third edition of Rimas de Lope de Vega Carpio, printed in Madrid the same year; the inscribed copy survives in the library of Balliol College, Oxford.